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Office design features for optimum inspiration and productivity

Nothing is more important than keeping your marketing team engaged and inspired. After all, how can they come up with innovative and creative brand-boosting ideas without an environment that fosters them? With that in mind, here are a few inspiring office design features that will boost productivity in the years to come.
Office design features for optimum inspiration and productivity

Cable railing systems

Sometimes the subtlest of design elements have the greatest impact. Cable railing in modern office decor can add the illusion of space and brighten a windowless room. Not only do they take away the need for restrictive feeling barriers in stairways and balconies, but cable railings are also a functional safety feature. The open design and reflective surface will help improve the atmosphere in your workspace, boosting productivity.

Living walls

Living walls, also known as green walls, have numerous health and wellness benefits. They help improve air quality, reduce external and internal noise, boost productivity through the reduction of sick days, and add a unique decor element to your office walls.

Living walls can be done on a large scale, filling an entire wall, or in smaller, more design-friendly blocks. Some businesses choose to create a mural with their living wall, or keep it simple by encompassing the greenery with an ornate frame. The walls are mounted with simple aeration and watering systems for easy maintenance.

Create different spaces

Sitting at a desk or conference table all day can be monotonous and uninspiring. If you want your marketing team to be truly creative, you need to be creative when thinking about office layout. Private workstations can be more productive than an open office plan, as cubicles can help with distractions and noise reduction. However, open, collaborative areas are required for productive team work.

If you have space, add a small lounge area where teams can work in what feels like a living room rather than an office. Add an eating area, so your people are encouraged to move away from their desk while eating, giving them a much-needed break and productivity refresher.

A vision board

A vision board is great for helping team members inspire each other and cultivate great ideas to grow your business. Encourage your people to add to the board with each flash of genius. Leave pads of paper, pens, or whatever you can think of near the board for people to add their ideas before they get distracted.

If you really want to take this idea to the next level, have individual vision boards at each team member’s desk and have monthly sessions to go over ideas. If you decide to keep the board centralised, have adding an idea to the board a weekly deliverable for your employees with an incentive attached for completion. This will encourage them to always be brainstorming, even when ideas aren’t coming easily.


If you’re in a traditional office setting, you may not have control over what colour the walls are. However, you can find bold art prints and affordable, colourful decor to add some contrast to the sea of white walls and gray cubicles.

Ask each employee to bring in a print that means something to them to create your own gallery. Encourage the use of colourful office supplies. Use colour psychology to your benefit when choosing which decor items to bring into the office. After all, colour psychology is relevant to marketing and branding, isn’t it?

How the whole office benefits

While your focus may be to inspire the creative minds of your marketing team, office decor can impact everyone positively. While the vision board might be for marketing employees, open the idea to the entire office. Someone in accounting might have a different perspective that could change the future of your business.

Everyone in your workplace will ultimately benefit from the productivity-boosting measures you take when considering your office layout and decor. As such, your bottom line will benefit as well.

10 Jan 2018 15:53


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Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
I don't really understand how one could make an environment influence creativity, but I guess that's why I run a removals company rather than a creative one. I'm sure that all of these big art, design and marketing companies have a formula of sorts to keep all their creative directors juiced up with ideas and things. For me, I'll stick to hard work and muscle in house removals, thank you!
Posted on 12 Jun 2018 06:13