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Four ways small businesses can make employees look more professional

One of the biggest concerns small business owners have is whether their company will be able to compete with more established brands in terms of the quality and professionalism. Of course, this is a very legitimate concern because starting from scratch can put you at several disadvantages in comparison to a business that has already been successfully operating in its niche for a number of years. One of the best ways to let prospective and current customers know that your company is worthwhile is to ensure that your employees are displaying the utmost professionalism in both their appearance and behaviour. With that said, here are four specific ways any small business can make their employees look like pros instead of amateurs:

1. Branded apparel

Have you ever noticed that most major companies have their own uniforms, or at least branded shirts or hats? It might not seem like a big deal, but never underestimate how much a tiny logo can serve to differentiate one of your workers from the average layman. Fortunately, having custom-branded apparel made is actually a very affordable and easy process, with companies like St. CroiX10 providing a variety of streamlined custom clothing solutions for small businesses.

2. Designated tablets

Having your employees using a standard smartphone or laptop for important digital tasks is certainly an option, but there's no doubt that equipping employees with branded tablets is also worth considering. Tablets provide the convenience and app-based functionality of a mobile device with a screen size that is closer to a laptop, so they're the perfect work companions due to portability.

3. Company vehicles

When a worker shows up in a company vehicle that has a logo/slogan on the side, they'll usually be taken more seriously than if they were to pull up in their own personal vehicle. Alternately, if purchasing and maintaining a fleet isn't a move that you can afford to make at the moment, you could try the simpler and cheaper alternative of giving employees branded stickers and vinyls to place on their vehicles. Networking with local car hire/rental businesses is another possible route you can take to ensure your employees are able to easily lease newer vehicles based on your recommendation.

4. Top-notch equipment

Finally, any time a worker is forced to use sub-par equipment it should go without saying that it'll affect how customers perceive your company. On the other hand, having the latest and greatest tools and gadgets will make it apparent that your business takes its duties very seriously and strives to offer the best possible service. Whether the job is out in the field or a cushy office desk position, a small business should be heavily concerned with keeping their devices and equipment up-to-date and in good condition.

Practice better scheduling and task allocation

In closing, one sure-fire way to make employees look unprofessional is by having them show up to tasks late or undermanned due to poor scheduling. Thus, as a bonus tip it's important to ensure that you have all obligations comfortably covered by the right amount of staff members, and always have redundancies/backups in place to cover missed shifts and other mishaps.

11 Dec 2017 17:49


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