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New graduate registered nurses find it hard to get their first job

Becoming a registered nurse is difficult but this is just the first step of the struggle that is going to come. Although there is a clear demand for RNs, according to the American Association Of Colleges Of Nursing, this does not mean that the demand is present everywhere. Getting the very first job is difficult. This is why the following tips will be really helpful.
Get certified during school

When you are in medical school you can get various different certifications. Student tend to think that they are not that important but the truth is they are. Certifications like IV, blood withdrawal, ACLS and BLS will help much more than anticipated in the future since the resume becomes larger. In medicine education is incredibly important and recruiters do pay close attention to certifications. You can even take it one step further and continue your education through a top RN to BSN program.


Form relationships as soon as you can with clinical instructors, nurses, management and fellow students. Look online for a recommendation letter template and hand it out. Just request that they say something about the work that you did. It is also a really good idea to get some recommendations for those that were not instructors.


As soon as the first school semester starts you want to start building your portfolio so you gather all recommendation letters and accomplishments. When you finish school you can easily have over 10 letters. An acceptance letter to the RN to BSN program can be included when you look for your first job.

Clinical setting

If you want to move up to the average $68,450 per year salary you need to prove that you have value. This actually starts during school and the clinical settings you meet. Do not be scared to do new things and ask to observe when not comfortable with a specific procedure. Try to do something that nurses do not have time to like bed baths, cleaning up or accuchecks.


Go to hospice care or hospitals to start volunteering. You can do this when you finish school and you wait for boards as you have more available time. That will look great on the future resume and employers appreciate it. At the same time, you can make various connections and learn more about the work that actually needs to be done. You cannot learn everything that is needed in school. Volunteering and actual work creates a huge difference in how much skill you get.

Field related jobs

Whenever possible, get a job in a related field. Recommendations include certified nursing assistant, unit secretary or patient care associate. This helps create connections that offer an edge after graduation. The simple fact that you work in a home healthcare clinic during school as a caregiver can be the difference maker.


Last but not least, remember that attitude is really important. Negativity and problems should stay at home. People you meet remember you because of your attitude.

15 Nov 2017 17:01


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