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Wood watches designed to stand out

A brand created for the ones who dare stand out, the trendsetters and the risktakers. The Garwood Wood Grain Watches was created with these values in mind in 2013, representing a dynamic juncture between the modern and the classic.
Wood watches designed to stand out
Amidst the overwhelming selection of high tech gadgets in the market, these finely handcrafted wooden timepieces take the opposite path in its own rebellious manner. A watch so analog it doesn’t even tell you the date and still can confuse you in the hours of daylight savings. That is what emphasizes and what we love about The Garwood. Simple and easy while serving, both in their design and function, to complement men’s and women’s dressing while pushing it beyond the boundaries of tradition.

The watches are sleek and refined and offer a statement piece for any outfit, everything from casual to formal. The wood casing’s warmth provides a pleasant feeling of nature on your wrist, more so than the typical cold steel constructions. Its smooth wood grained look with subtly texture and color-contrasting faces offer a dashing touch to any well-dressed look.

Wood watches designed to stand out
Additional details include the hands’ use of the brand’s arrow logo, which reflects the name Garwood. And while every watch adheres to the brand’s uniform high quality standards using exotic wood materials, genuine leather bands, precise movements and scratch-free sapphire crystal glass, similar to very high-end watches, the individual wood material allows distinct differences that make them practically one-of-a-kind and attractive collectibles.

Wood watches designed to stand out
The Garwood has a broad range of styles from square to round and for both male and female trendsetters. Each reflecting their own specific theme: the original “35 Black” is a tribute to a lucky spin on the roulette table; the “Angeleno” embodies a laid-back West Coast attitude; the “Great Dane” is reminiscent of the flag of Denmark; the “Sumo” contemplates the hallowed traditions of Japanese trials of strength; the “Kuta”, named after the resort town in Bali, suggests a balmy paradise; while the “360 collection” includes a range of round styles with bands in genuine leather and felt band options.

The Garwood has just recently launched its third special edition watch, designed in collaboration with Davante Adams, Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers. A design obviously featuring the green and golden Packer colors, and 100% natural American maple wood.

Since its launch, The Garwood has grown in popularity while continuing to ship watches around the world. Besides the United States, countries like Australia, UK and Canada are increasing in sales. The Garwood collection is available at and select specialty boutiques worldwide.

10 Nov 2017 15:09