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Huge medical advertising and marketing mistakes too many doctors make

Whenever talking about medical advertising and marketing, the big problems rely on creating an ethical campaign and getting the desired results. This may seem to be really simple, but different mistakes appear because a campaign in this industry needs to be approached from other angles than those we are used to. Let's discuss some common mistakes that appear because of various beliefs that doctors have since that often causes the biggest problems when promoting a clinic or an office.
False assumptions

Most doctors that have been around for a long time think that they completely understand their client audience. Experience is a good thing, but healthcare services did change a lot in the past ten years. Let’s just think about the evolution of the internet, the development of mobile devices, different new advertising techniques, moving community demographics and patient consumerism. All of these influence the industry. You want to be sure that you use healthcare consulting and that you properly understand your patient base before starting any campaign.

People already know me

This is a belief that once again appears because of experience and time spent as a doctor. Existing or recent patients do have insight about the doctor they choose or the clinic they go to while colleagues do have an understanding of professional reputation. However, when thinking about marketing outreach, it is important to get in touch with those people that do not know the work of the doctor. This requires a different approach than what worked in the past.

Marketing is not necessary

Organic growth is something that does not happen on its own, as many doctors think will happen for their practice. To think that this is the case is simply wishful thinking as promotion is necessary. The fact that you are a really good doctor does not mean that your practice is going to be a success or that it will grow at the desired rate. Those who are actively involved in business understand the importance of advertising or marketing. If you are interested in actual practice growth, developing a marketing plan is a necessity, just as you would with any business.

Referrals will come in automatically

You will not gain any advantage in front of other practices when you take the referral stream as something that just happens. You might think that your referrals are coming in automatically and that might even be the case at the moment. However, as time passes, the competition will start to advertise and you will be surprised that you no longer gain new referrals. Without constant advertising and marketing your practice will lose patients.

Improperly calculated budget

This includes having a budget that is excessive or insufficient. When the budget is not adequate it is really easy to end up with very bad results or at least a very bad ROI. If the budget is too high, you are losing cash and your ROI will go down. Always be sure that you work with highly experienced professionals that can help you with your budget and that have experience with doctor offices.

23 Oct 2017 21:35


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