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Some essential things you'll need when starting a restaurant

In the United States, owning a restaurant is a proven business model because many people love to eat out, with a certain proportion of the general public even eating out more often than eating home-cooked meals - either because they dislike cooking or because they have demanding schedules and don't have the time or energy to cook much at home. Moreover, if your cuisine is exceptional, you will be able to ease up on paid marketing efforts after only a short while because your restaurant will attract a high volume of repeat business.
As a business owner, you will have to invest in the right property to launch a successful business, choosing either to renovate a retail space or build your restaurant from the ground up on a suitable lot. Since both are viable options, it's best to decide after you do your research on what's available in your local business area. However, keep in mind that you have to pay more attention to location than property price. Location needs to be a priority because if your restaurant is hard to find, then it doesn’t matter about the bargain you snapped up when securing your retail space or the parcel of land.

Another thing that is important to keep in mind is that you will have to pay attention to finding out about all the relevant licenses and permits necessary for a restaurant in your neck of the woods. Of particular importance are those concerned with food safety regulations. These are determined at the state level, so if your restaurant is in the state of California, then the California Department of Public Health requires that the food handlers working at your restaurant pass the Food Handlers Card Training program and receive their CA food handlers card.

When it comes to things that you will need for your restaurant, they fall into two broad categories: furnishings and décor for your dining space and equipment and supplies for your kitchen.

Dining room furnishings and décor

What you will need for the dining room area all depends on the interior design. The most important thing to keep in mind is staying true to the unity of the theme. Everything needs to flow together. It’s essential to avoid furniture or décor that is incongruous with your restaurant concept. For instance, a few fish tanks and a wooden statue of a happy Buddha work well for a restaurant with an Asian cuisine while a 50s style restaurant can easily create ambiance with some nostalgic memorabilia consisting of jukeboxes, LP record covers, and guitars.

Generally speaking, it's better to have less furniture and décor than too much, as an excessive amount of furniture creates the illusion of a smaller space and an excessive amount of decor creates a sense of clutter. When it comes to choosing decor, many restaurants default to having almost no décor at all, resulting in hardly any ambiance. The restaurant appears somewhat generic, lacking personality and looking bland and uninteresting.

Kitchen equipment and supplies

The better equipped your restaurant; the easier it will be for your chefs to do their job.

Ideally, you should have spacious freezers and refrigerators and a generous amount of food prep tables and counters for all the cutting, slicing, and dicing required, as well as a number of sinks for all the washing of knives, ladles, and forks that needs to be done all the time. In addition, you’ll need slicers, mixers, food processors, ranges, and ovens.

Unfortunately, in many small retail spaces, kitchens tend to be short on working space, with the result that the staff spends all day artfully stepping out of each other's way, as well as waiting their turn to use the sink or get a chance to cut on the prep table. In addition, even basic supplies like mixers and food processors may be in short supply resulting in people having to wait their turn.

If possible, aim to get a large kitchen and to have it well supplied with all the necessary equipment. The easier it is for your staff to get meals prepared, the quicker patrons will be served. Naturally, the sooner people get their meals, the more satisfactorily they will regard your services. A quicker turnover will also result in more patrons per day.

Success is in the details

Although owning a restaurant is a proven business model, your success will depend on how well you consider your design, branding, concept, menu, and services. This big-picture thinking will help you differentiate your business from local competitors with similar cuisine.

23 Oct 2017 11:55


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