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What are the biggest challenges seen in B2B selling?

When you want to sell to a business you are faced with many different challenges than what is seen as consumer selling happens. You have a sales cycle that is naturally going to be longer and the speed of a buying process is slower. Impulse sales are not going to happen and word of mouth is not that effective, although reputation is simply paramount.
The really important things that you have to remember at all times include:
  • A business buyer is not going to shop because of pleasure.
  • You mainly want to sell benefits instead of remaining focused on features.
  • Problems need to be resolved in order for profits to be increased.
The major challenges associated with B2B selling are not that difficult to understand. They are listed below and should always be taken into account.

Improper communication between sales and marketing teams

While this is always going to be a challenge, it is going to be more prevalent in B2B. Sales teams need much background information about decision makers and need to properly understand the entire buyer process. Your sales team requires specific, solid leads. The entire market is going to be driven by the communication between these two teams. When it is improper, results will be sub-par.

Not explaining the product properly

B2B normally revolves around products and services that are much more complex than what is aimed for customers. For instance, let’s say you want to promote XRD diffraction. In this case the client has to understand what the product offers instead of what it can do. Promoting the advantages is what is really important.

Data management

So much data is necessary and has to be gathered, delivered and analyzed by the sales team. This does include anything from the initial company contact to the way in which the target manages to use social media marketing in promotional efforts. In B2B having a well-built system to properly manage data is paramount for success. When data is not analyzed in a correct way, sales are going to be lower than what they could be.

Understanding your buyer

In order for a sale to be made you will need to deal with more people, not just one as with B2C. Information will be gathered from multiple companies in order for a buying decision to be made. This is why it is really important for the seller to properly understand the needs of the buyer. There are always some clear factors that are going to influence the buying choice. When you cannot talk about that and you cannot connect with them, sales are not made.

Effectively using technology

B2B marketing has to include social media and analytics should always be studied. Effectively using technology for B2B sales includes mobile compatibility and a whole lot more. You want to stay up to date with the evolving technology and you need to use the most effective tools out there. A failure to do this is going to lead to lower sales, which is never desired.

18 Oct 2017 12:49


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