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Branching out into new markets with internet marketing

The start-up scene in South Africa is livelier than ever and the market is growing at a steady rate. New and existing companies are able to reach more customers and expand their operations. The real opportunity, however, lies in access to the global market. Tech giants realised this a long time ago and it is time for our nation's businesses to invest in the same strategy.

Thanks to the internet, there are fewer entry barriers to deal with when you want to enter the international market. Customers can access your site (and products and services) from anywhere in the world. You only need the right internet marketing strategy to get started.

From local to global SEO

Local businesses have gained so much from local SEO. By targeting a specific segment of the market, start-ups were able to maximise their return on investment in internet marketing. There is no need to blow away a large sum of money to reach highly targeted audience groups; local SEO does everything for you.

One of the first things to do when branching out into new markets is shifting that strategy. Adjustments need to be made in order for the site, and your business’s entire online presence, to be more suitable for the global market.

You can also rely on the strengths of local SEO to target new, more specific markets. The best way to do this is by relying on the SEO agencies within the market and their expertise in reaching local audience groups. If you want to gain customers from the UAE, for example, working with the best SEO companies Dubai has to offer is the way to go.

A stronger online presence

You may also need to make adjustments to your online presence, starting with simple things such as language and delivery style. Customers in different regions use social media (and the internet) differently. Instagram, for example, may be more effective in select markets than Facebook.

The goal is developing a strong online presence; one that is strong enough to reach a wider audience. Among the many tactics you can implement are building new relationships with industry leaders and key influencers and, of course, fine-tuning the content you put out to match the new target market segments.

Better user experience

Last, but certainly not least, it is essential that you take steps to improve the overall user experience of your online storefront. Once again, you have to keep in mind that users in different regions expect different things.

It is impossible to cater to all of those expectations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get close to making everyone happy. There are UX best practices and strategies you can implement to improve your online storefront for better conversion. Simple things such as accepting more payment methods and offering international shipping options matter.

Entering a new market and reaching new potential customers are never easy, but the expected return from this investment is too good to miss. It is time for companies and start-ups in South Africa to embrace the global market. Now is the perfect time to get started.

2 Oct 2017 13:38


About Boris Dzhingarov

Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with a major in marketing. He is the CEO of ESBO ltd brand mentioning agency. He writes for several online sites such as,,, Boris is the founder of and