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Where does business process automation work?

Business process automation (BPA) is possible thanks to the evolution of technology, automating workflows sometimes towards points where the intervention of the human is not needed. BPA can save a lot of money and time, make it more enjoyable for the customer to shop and drastically reduce human error.
The problem is that not all the business process are very good as automation candidates. For instance, when you make it easier for employees to work and increase security through options like IDSecurity, it is obvious all is better. Other processes would not be best when automated, like some types of client facing operations.

Below we present some examples of tasks that can be automated with great success.

Repetitive tasks

This includes numerous activities like manufacturing floor assembly work, status software updates, time tracking, order filling, shipping, inventory management and purchasing. You basically want to reduce manual work involved in operations that are highly repetitive. This makes tasks become uniformly performed and human error possibilities are drastically reduced. At the same time human resources can be freed up in order to do the work that would imply a lot of critical thinking.

Machine addressable tough decision-making

Think about the loan or credit desk in back offices or bank branches. Customers want to see if they are qualified for the loan or for the credit card. Employees can easily now loan an app in order to process everything. Software automation helps to get a fast answer that benefits both the borrower and the lender. Loan officers manage to quickly see how much the customer can receive and what the associated interest rates are.

Another great example is offered through the use of fraud detection software. It can identify suspicious fraud patterns and let a worker know. For an employee it would be hard to identify such patterns.

Employee portals that are self-service

Now employees have the possibility to changing 401k investments from practically anywhere. They can choose HR elections or they can take some online training courses that are going to further career development. In these cases we have portals that are self-service, which means that automated systems are registering changes and tracking progresses without having HR persons facilitating the entire process.

Alerts and tracking through sensors

IoT (Internet of Things) technology is now used by numerous companies. This includes networks and sensors installed to propel automation. In such cases the goal is to gain a better visibility of business processes that are vital. As examples, we can talk about placing sensors on the containers that have cargo and then track movements. Issue alerts would be automatically sent if seals are broken or if environmental conditions are not as they should be.


Automated database searches are nowadays automated as they use a lot of data and making them automatic will make research a lot faster. Research repositories are using various automated business processes in various situations like life sciences, legal cases, crime records and climate research.

12 Sep 2017 10:24


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