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Help your business by improving lone worker safety

People start their own business mainly because they want to generate profits and make money for themselves. That's the basic truth of it. The problem with this scenario is that often employers cut down on necessary expenses so that they can really maximise their bottom line. They may even minimise the importance of such crucial issues as lone worker safety, just so they can save money. This isn't only bad for the employees, but it's also and for you in the long run.
If you’re an employer, it’s part of your responsibility to ensure the safety of your workers. This means that you should especially focus on the plight of your workers who work alone because that’s an inherently more dangerous situation. Solo workers have no one to warn them when they’re mistaking mistakes, and no one can help them right away when they’re hurt. They’re also more likely targets of attack simply because they’re alone.

It’s best that you minimise the situations in which an employee of yours has to work all alone. If that can’t be helped, then you need to implement a set of policies that can help eliminate or at least reduce the hazards your lone workers face on the job. Doing this doesn’t just help your workers — if you’re the employer, then it helps your business too.
  1. It saves you money in the long run. You’re in business to make money, and you must realise that not taking the employee safety seriously can seriously jeopardise your business itself. At the very least, you leave yourself open to civil suits that will allege that you were negligent in taking care of your employees properly. So instead of spending a thousand dollars or so on worker safety, you can end up paying a lot more for legal fees and damages.

    Think of worker safety solutions as investments, and not just merely as expenses. In the long run, such solutions may end up enabling your business to make more money instead.

  2. It enhances your reputation. When you end up with a lone worker attacked or injured, you may have unwanted media attention focused on your business. In today’s world, such news can quickly go viral, especially when such attacks are caught on smartphone videos. You end up with egg on your face as you can receive accusations that you prioritised profits over worker safety.

    But with adequate safety precautions for your lone workers, you’re protected from such attacks. What’s more, you can tout these measures as part of your marketing and advertising.

  3. You end up with happy workers. When your workers are happy, your business tends to become more successful. That’s not exactly a coincidence. There are lots of ways to make your employees happy, and enacting proper safety precautions for workers who operate alone is one of them. Your employees don’t feel threatened at their jobs, which generally makes them more effective when they work for you. Other employees are also relieved to note that their friends are safe when they work alone and that if they do happen to work alone too then they’d be protected.

  4. It’s easier to attract more workers to your business. That’s because you can point to your worker safety measures as concrete evidence of how your business ultimately care about the welfare of your employees. You’re also more apt to retain the workers you do have working for you since they don’t think that you undervalue their worth for your company.

  5. It fosters a more caring atmosphere for your business. When you show that your company cares about the employees, your workers are more apt to care about each other as well. It becomes part of your company culture. This results in better cooperation among your workers, leading to smoother operations and eventually more profits for you.
Caring for your employees is actually a selfless act, but that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s simply a win-win situation for everyone when you take lone worker safety seriously. Your employees feel better and safer, and you end up with more profits.

29 Aug 2017 10:40


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