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Save your bills while calling abroad - Tips to avoid encountering monster phone bill

If you're a frequent business traveler, you may have to factor in yet another cost while traveling abroad, that of meeting outrageously high fees for making international mobile calls and for using the internet. The thought of long distance phone calls conjures up images of costly phone bills but making international phone calls doesn't always have to break your bank and blow a hole in your wallet.
Regardless of whether you’re about to leave your nation for a business trip or a vacation, you will always have to get in touch with few important people in your life, whether family members or business clients. You don’t have to settle down for costly rates which your phone’s provider will charge. Here are few options you can explore.

International calling cards

Did you know that you can now transform any local phone into a phone for making international calls with the help of calling cards? You may find prepaid calling cards from a store, online, at supermarkets, gas stations or at airports. Just get in touch with the toll-free number written on the card and enter the PIN when you are about to make a call. The prices that you have to pay will depend on how regularly you make calls but there are some calling card apps like NobelApp which work on your smartphone and through which you can slash off charges. Also remember that there are some companies which even charge recharging fees and hence you can go through the details before choosing to make a call.

International SIM cards

Are you someone who doesn’t seem to prefer the idea of parting with your phone? As it has got a SIM card slot, you can anytime swap the country SIM with a global one and call your loved ones in a different country through your own phone. You will be charged as less as 29 cents in a minute. In case you’re traveling, you can even purchase local SIM cards which charge low international rates as you arrive at the destination. Just ensure unlocking your phone from the wireless carrier before leaving your country. Phones come locked so that you’re not able to use rival SIM cards but US carriers allow you to unlock the phone in case you travel out of the mentioned network.

VOIP landline services

Apart from features like Facetime and Skype, you may even use VoIP services from your landline. Voice over Internet Protocol is a service which helps you make calls through the internet instead of making calls via conventional landlines. You may either buy a VoIP phone or utilise an adapter to connect conventional analog phones through a digital VoIP network.

So, when you’re trying to slash off your international call costs, you can take into account the above mentioned options. International calling cards can be a convenient option as you can use the free minutes to make calls to your desired people.

28 Aug 2017 15:01


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