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Tips to sell products in controversial markets

Creating services or products in industries that are highly regulated or controversial is obviously difficult. However, with proper planning it can be done in a proper way. The idea is to basically strategise company growth with complete objectivity in mind. You have to prepare for the changing and new laws while having a really good program in place to deal with PR issues. What basically counts the most is what is presented below.
Remaining compliant with regulations and laws

One of the sure recipes for failure as you want to promote or launch a controversial service or product is to not be careful about different changing laws and regulations. Being in regulated markets automatically means that investing into being aware of everything happening at a regulatory level is a necessity. No matter what happens, you have to remain complaint in order to shield yourself from potential lawsuits.

A thing you have to be particularly careful about since it is one of the reasons why most companies in such an industry fail is selling in other places than where everything started. It is always possible that different laws and regulations are in place when you want to expand to other areas. As the business grows you have to also focus on monitoring where you sell, which is quite a big extra expense.

Focus on market education and public relations

Advocacy is something that many companies do not consider when they operate in controversial markets. This is a mistake. Just as with all businesses out there you want to stand out and get known among potential customers. You do this through PR campaigns and advocacy. For instance, let’s say that you launched a new product that helps deal with steroid side effects appearing in athletes. Since this is really controversial, you want to advocate knowledge about other reasons why people would use steroids and even launch educational materials like ebooks about how to get rid of gynecomastia. The more you advocate and the more you educate, the easier it will be for your business to grow!

Invest in quality customer service

Treating your current and potential customer's right is vital in any controversial industry. You want to invest money in a system that works really well, offers high quality information to anyone requesting it, solves problems really fast and is overall effective in the shortest possible time frame. You might have to deal with various questions coming from people so you do want to be sure that you answer every single one in a highly professional manner.

One of the main focuses you can have is to offer proper customer support through social media. This does not mean that you need to talk to people through private messages. It practically means you need to monitor media and get involved in conversations. Let people know when they are wrong about something and always aim to educate. This is one of the most important things possible at the end of the day. Being polite and educational helps so much more than what you may think.

23 Aug 2017 10:33


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