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Using SEO backlinks for branding purposes

Promoting business websites is not as easy as it used to be. We are now faced with a huge competition in practically all niches and promotion basically evolved to the level at which PR is a really important part. This means that branding is much more important than it used to be. Having a very strong brand can easily increase sales in the long run, which is what every single business out there wants.
The problem with branding is that it takes a long time. You want to do various different things in order to be successful. One of them is actually using SEO backlinks. You can buy white hat links or generate them yourself through your own means. No matter the case, how you use them is going to always influence branding so you do want to do it right. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Using brand name as anchor link

Most SEO professionals will recommend that you use keywords as anchor links and generic keywords like “click here” or even domain names. While all this is always a good idea, a big part of search engine optimisation is always variety. You actually gain more by using the brand name as the anchor link. This is especially the case when the content you create can directly connect to the brand in one way or another.

Generating brand awareness

One thing that few people know about search engine optimisation is that the major search engines are now interested in brand mentions and will take these into account when they organise results. This basically means that when you focus on branding as you build SEO links you also help the keywords that you want to rank for. At the same time, you want people to look for your brand and find your websites ranking first. This is not possible without brand mentions. The great thing about this is that you do not necessarily need to focus on the actual link. What you want to do is weave in brand mentions.

You can also focus on brand mentions as you build your social media strategy campaign. While the brand mentions on Facebook are no longer that effective, those that you build on other networks like YouTube or Twitter are going to help.

Focusing on brand values

Proper branding automatically means there are some brand values that are developed. You can use the SEO backlinks that you create in order to highlight the values. Linking values is counterintuitive because of the fact that this is not necessarily connected to keywords but modern SEO is much more than just keywords.

Final thoughts

SEO backlink building is no longer as it used to be. As you can see, you can now use it in order to improve your branding campaign. In a similar way, it can be used for PR purposes and so much more. Search engine optimisation is not going away and it can actually be a valuable tool for your business.

18 Aug 2017 12:05


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