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What experienced entrepreneurs have to say about workplace productivity

Every entrepreneur knows that it's extremely important to maintain a productive workplace. However, many are still confused about how to do so. Should the company ban using Facebook? But what about the marketing department? There is no one winning formula when it comes to improving workplace productivity. However, experienced managers know what works and what doesn't. Read below to find out several important workplace productivity tips from management experts:
Cut out all sudden meetings

Know those “only five minutes” spur-of-the-moment meetings? Entrepreneur and business development expert John Burgess strongly advises businesses to cut them all out from the workplace. It’s worthwhile to ban them all together. These short, “just a moment” meetings only waste time. Employees will get together, argue a lot, and not get anything done. Teams do not need to meet like this and waste time to get these done, says Mr Burgess. Using email or Skype will eliminate the time being wasted at these meetings.

Allow employees breaks

It’s not physically possible for a person to sit down and work eight to nine hours straight without any reprieves. If you want employees to be more productive, allow them to have brief breaks. In addition to a 30-minute lunch, employees could be allowed short five- to ten-minute breaks for stretching, if not anything else. It’s not healthy to stare at a computer screen for hours either. Science data supports the idea that employees be allowed short breaks, especially if the work day lasts longer than the typical eight hours.

There should always be a leader present

If a team is missing deadlines and is slacking off, the problem is simple to figure out: the team is lacking a leader. If you want to get things done, democratic teams would simply not do. There should be a clear hierarchy of responsibility for teams. It will be the responsibility of the team leader to get things done on time and make sure that each team member does as they are supposed to do. Therefore, when assigning a team, always appoint a leader.

Make sure employees have the right tech tools

The modern workplace can be infinitely more productive with the right tech tools. Make sure your employees are using apps and software like Slack, Evernote, Asana, Skype, or WhatsApp when collaborating during projects. Tech tools will fast-track completing tasks and will eliminate communication barriers. Certain apps, like those for accounting, can also reduce time-consuming workload that doesn’t require much thinking. A tech-savvy business place is always a productive business place.

Maintain a distraction-free work environment

Nothing ruins a productive workplace like distractions. Employees will be more annoyed than focused when the workplace is noisy. There are several steps to take to make sure a work environment is pleasant and favours productivity. Managers can make design choices, such as placing employees away from loud tools or ringing phone centres. Also, there should be strong policies in place that facilitate quiet and pleasant workplaces.

The above suggestions may sound simple, but they are incredibly effective. Therefore, make sure to keep the above advice in mind when trying to improve workplace productivity.

25 Jul 2017 12:48


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