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Four ways to improve your publicity as an entrepreneur

Running a business is no easy task, especially if you are trying to get your name out there and become noticed as a famous entrepreneur. With so many people out there starting their own businesses and trying to make it big, it often takes doing more than simply selling great products and services to truly make it as an entrepreneurial success story today. Whether you're running a small, medium, or large company, there are several things that you can also do to get your name out there and improve your exposure to potential new customers. We've listed some of the best things to do to improve your publicity as an entrepreneur.

#1. Do something good:

When it comes to entrepreneurs, we all know of the ones who do something good with the money that they earn. For example, there’s the Bill Gates Foundation, which the founder of Windows is just as well known for as he is his technological and software products. Then take Jason Sugarman, for another example – a leader in the financial industry with over twenty years’ experience who serves on the board of several private and public companies. But, this isn’t all that he is known for – he also runs the Sugarman Family Trust, which donates generously to the Fullerton Technology Foundation, and has provided thousands of electronic devices to schools and public education facilities.

#2. Get in the news:

As an entrepreneur, you can sell thousands of great products and services, but there will always be people who have never heard of you before. So, one of the best ways to get your name out there and enjoy more publicity as an entrepreneur is by doing something newsworthy. In many ways, this ties in well with our first idea of doing something good – for example, if you were to support a local charitable cause, then chances are your name would appear in local newspapers and news sites, improving your exposure to your local area.

#3. Guest post:

Today, one of the best ways to improve your publicity is to do so online. Since blogging took off and began to take the internet by storm just a few years ago, there have been thousands of interesting blogs that today have millions of readers who check in regularly. For many people, blogs are an excellent source of information and help them to learn a lot of things about starting a business, entrepreneurial success, marketing, and much more. Find blogs that are relevant to your strengths and write interesting, informational posts which will aid the readers in achieving their own goals.

#4. Partner up:

When it comes to improving your publicity as an entrepreneur, who you know can go a long way. If you get the chance to meet or network with any influential people, you can use this to your advantage to gain more publicity yourself. For example, if you were to meet a world-famous entrepreneur at a networking event, simply posting it to Instagram with a tag, or even better, getting them to post it to their social media and tag you, will generate a lot of interest!

Would you like to add any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.

20 Jul 2017 10:48