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How to grow your seed collection

There's something to be said about buying seed collections - multiple varieties of one plant in one seed packet. That has become the norm. Each year, gardening enthusiasts are bombarded with seed catalogs in their mails, making it even harder to pick the right seeds.

How can you expand your seed collection? Experimentation and research will be critical in determining what you should buy while avoiding the urge to purchase every good deal you see. Use these tips to help you grow your seed collection.

Your favorite seed companies - Sign up for emails

Nobody wants to get numerous emails over the winter months, but this is the best way to know when your favorite seed companies are running sales. This is where you’ll find discounts and free shipping codes. In most cases, you’ll not find this information directly on their websites.

According to My Seed Needs, a leading Seed Collections – Seed Needs supplier, you should know where to look for the best deals, both local and online, as well as the best quality plants for your garden. The good thing is, you can find and order everything online from your favorite suppliers.

Look out for free shipping

The majority of seed suppliers run free shipping promotions multiple times throughout the winter months and spring. With shipping costs as low as $6.95, this is the best time to shop around and save money on shipping. This means you don’t have to buy your seed collections all in one go.

Focus on staying within your budget and buy your seed collections in order when they need to be planted. Cold weather seeds first and then warm weather seeds later. You should limit your purchases to seeds you’ll actually use.

Research those small companies

Small seed companies can be a gold-mine if you know where to find the best ones. The fact that most of them specialise in specific seed collections means that you’re likely to get better deals and selected seed varieties suitable for small gardens.

The cost of buying seed packets and shipping at smaller companies is much lower than big companies (double savings). If you shop around, it will be easy to find a company selling the specific seeds you want at the lowest prices.

Check our grocery stores

Your local grocery store is a great place to look for seed collections. What I would recommend though is that you stick with big name brands like Seeds of Change, Burpee, Martha Stewart, Botanical Interests and other regional seed suppliers with a good reputation.

Remember to double check the seed packets and verify if the year of packaging is current to ensure you’re only buying fresh seeds. Also, check big box stores supplying seeds for big names in the industry and get your seeds for the next planting season.

Save your seeds

Saving seeds from your garden may be new to you, but it is fast becoming a trend among gardeners. Save seeds from last season’s plants like marigold flowers, Hyacinth plant or your white hollyhock to grow your seed collection. You don’t always have to go shopping.

Many gardeners will take pride in having a large seed collection but what matters most is how you make use of it. A comprehensive guide to growing flowers from seed advises that you start small if you’re a beginner, make sure seedlings have lots of light and get the timing right.

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