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Team-building activities to increase employee motivation

You can only guarantee work productivity when employees can work together in an appropriate way. Those teams that do work together manage to be more efficient and become truly passionate about business success. Unfortunately, even if there is just one team member that is not motivated the ripple effect can end up hurting the entire company. The good news is the solution is normally highly accessible and offered by team-building activities. Let's highlight some that are very effective at building motivation.
Digital scavenger hunt

This really fun team-building game is all about finding various things that are present on web pages. You want to have some even teams set up and you can do this in a real world scenario, not necessarily in a digital setting. Teams need to find different things online and you assign specific rewards for the teams that win.

Such a team-building game is highly effective because it helps the team to collaborate, become more productive and engage. If the work environment is limited organising everything online is very good. If the workers are involved in IT activities the game will be even better received.

Blind drawing

The employees that participate in this team-building activity are going to learn how to be better communicated and communicate in an effective way. All these are important skills in understanding what consumers of advertising want so it is great for the staff members involved in activities requiring research and understanding of customers.

Teams are made out of two members. You offer a printed image to one of the members and sheet and pencils to the other team member. The members have to be back to back. The member that has the image in hand will want to tell what to draw while the other individual draws. At the end you will end up with something really fun. Just offer simple rewards like work off time or pizza to the team that wins.

Ball passing

This is an incredibly simple team-building game that you can practically do in all companies where you can create some teams. The game is so much more interesting than what many believe and you can even go out and order some cheer dance team uniforms for those that would not want to participate in order to cheer on the teams involved.

As you surely already guessed, all that needs to be done is to have a big ball that is filled with questions. They can be as wild or as simple as you want them to be. Advancing to the next player is possible only after the answer offered is deemed as sufficient. If not, the points are not awarded. Alternatively, you can make all answers correct as long as they are honest. This is where you can make everything more personal.

Office redecoration

Such an activity is definitely not the first thing you would consider when thinking about team-building games. However, it is productive, creative and a highly efficient team-building activity. Your employees are going to be able to showcase the creative style they have while engaging with the other employees. The result, when properly supervised, is a wonderful office that is perfectly redesigned or redecorated.

12 Jul 2017 13:58


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