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What education is needed to become a marketer?

The number of people looking for a career in marketing is growing. It is easy to understand why since we are faced with quite a great salary in the long run and the career as a whole is quite rewarding. The problem is that there are various education-related things that have to be taken into account for a great career. The things that are mentioned below have to be remembered by everyone that looks towards marketing, according to Forward Pathway, specialists in education counseling.
Regular education needed

In most situations the degree needed is a bachelor’s in marketing or in a field that is related to gain access to entry level marketing jobs. For entry positions it is also possible to get it without formal education but this is much more complicated and rarely available at the larger firms that offer a career ladder-climbing opportunity.

The marketer is going to play a very important and diverse role in an organisation. We are thus faced with numerous degree programmes that focus on specific marketing strategies and skills. They will help the aspiring marketer to effectively perform at the job once hired. For instance, one can opt for a mobile marketing qualification course when most of the work will target the mobile market.

The bachelor’s programme will prepare students to work in copywriting, communications, sales, international marketing and much more. There are undergraduate programmes that often lead to the bachelor’s, normally including courses like quantitative analysis, consumer behavior, marketing strategies, digital marketing and strategic marketing.

Needed skills

While education is highly important for the marketing professional, so are skills. Marketers have to analyse national and international markets. They need to follow economic developments and trends. A marketing professional will also work in a team so it is always a very important thing to have great skills as a team player and a leader. At the same time, there is a lot of interaction happening with brand managers and consumers. This means that strong verbal and written communication skills are going to be great advantages. A marketing professional will often need the following qualities:
  • Analysing what products are going to sell and what will not.
  • Understanding the choices made by the consumer.
  • Product placement and pricing knowledge.
  • Generating brand new marketing campaigns and strategies through creativity.
Continuing education

Marketers that get entry-level jobs or that get full-time jobs will not stop their education. Doing so would mean that the work done would not be as great as it should be. The truth is that all marketers keep learning while they are doing their jobs. There are so many interesting changes that happen in the industry and in the markets. You need to be sure that you always look out for various options that are available to continue your education as a marketer. This automatically means the job is stressful. As a career grows the professional may even need to start gaining skills related to stress management like yoga or meditation.

11 Jul 2017 10:52


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