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What is software consulting and why it is more sophisticated than you think

The word “consulting” has some pretty lacklustre connotations as far as many people are concerned. It is usually believed as little more than simply giving tips or advice - while in reality, it is often much, much different, especially when one deals with software consulting. So what exactly is it? Let's take a look.
The thing is, IT is no longer a niche addition to the functioning of your average business. The absolute majority of companies today, even those that don’t have anything to do with computers, software and networks directly, actively use IT as an integral part of their infrastructure. Remove it, and you will cripple the entire operation. Being able to better leverage the possibilities of IT can give a business a much-needed advantage over those competitors that are lacking in this respect, even if they are stronger on other counts. Better implementation of IT possibilities leads to overall business operations optimisation and higher cost efficiency. An experienced software consulting team knows all ins and outs of IT usage in specific business areas and lends this expertise to businesses to help them establish their operations, optimise workflow and increase overall efficiency. Three stages can be singled out specifically:

1. Establishing a new business

IT-related decisions made at this stage are vital for the long-term success of the business, because nothing is set in stone yet and if you set everything up right from the get-go, it would mean that you won’t have to redo and rearrange anything later on. Usually, it involves detailed analysis of existing hard- and software environment in conjunction with the established business goals, software selection, analysis of the market and competition and advice concerning the deployment of infrastructure to maximum effect.

2. Ongoing activities

Optimisation of day-to-day performance of the company. An advanced consulting firm can go a long way towards helping you increase the efficiency of your company. If IT doesn't belong to the core competencies of your business (and chances are that they don't; otherwise you probably wouldn't be looking for IT consulting in the first place), you can greatly decrease costs and grow production by outsourcing them. Then you will be able to concentrate all your resources on what your business really is about. Although it is a widespread arrangement these days, dealing with a specialised service like software consulting from Itransition allows you to save money in the long run and increase the speed of deployment.

3. Providing information and pointing out problems

This process involves not only collecting the data about day-to-day activities of the company but also sifting through it and pointing out the areas causing the organisation most problems, along with the potential approaches to their solution. It is important to study which solutions have already been attempted, which were in a planning phase but never carried out, and so on.

4. Branching out and expansion

Establishing additional branches of a business always means added complexity of networks and IT infrastructure, which requires higher levels of automation and unification of software and hardware resources. High-quality consulting will help a company integrate new solutions with legacy applications, streamline the operating of different complex areas of work including logistics, team activity tracking, equipment handling, and others. As a result, branching out or expansion of existing branches will turn from a chaotic procedure into a smooth, easily repeated process.

Most modern businesses require a high level of IT involvement in their day-to-day activities – and the ones that don’t probably are doing something wrong, for today it is not a matter of choice but an issue of using the most effective tools at your disposal.

30 Jun 2017 17:01


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