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Best places to get craft ideas and supplies

Do-it-yourself crafting websites are everywhere. Ideas for craft projects can be obtained from across the internet with just a couple taps on your keyboard and that is a wonderful state of affairs for the people among us who are moved by creating something from odds and ends.
Yet, there are times, when your hands remain empty because even though you have ideas, the supplies to finish these projects aren’t immediately available. Many of us have a Michaels or Hobby Lobby in our town, but there are those who don’t.

Instead of wasting time and energy that could be better directed from driving store to store to creating small masterpieces with your own hands, the internet has a solution to buying craft supplies no matter where you live and having them delivered to your door.

E-commerce has revolutionised many retail shopping fields, and the remainder have all been impacted in one form or another. That retail revolution can be taken advantage of, on a smaller scale, to make it simpler and more convenient for getting ideas and supplies for your projects.


It’s amazing what you can find at Amazon. Whether you are in the market for beads or beehives, Amazon carries almost everything you might need for any size project. Being an Amazon Prime member gives you free shipping and quite a few other benefits for a small fee.

Although it is the wave of future retail, Amazon does have some significant shortfalls. The price for small project crafting supplies being one of them. In exchange for free shipping, the per item cost for items that you couldn’t find in large retail stores like Walmart, Best Buy or others like them can be significantly higher than in specialised craft stores.


When it comes to craft projects, this supply source for teachers carries the perfect range of products and can be ordered in small batches at decent prices. is an online retail outlet that caters to educators but carries an expansive range of crafting supplies and materials.

Prices are good, there are sales and clearance sections for the budget-minded crafters and do-it-yourselfers. There is a section on craft projects that can give you clever ideas or act as a springboard for ideas that you can share with your kids. Hygloss, being an educational site, makes it simple to buy age appropriate crafting supplies for younger children.

Hobby Lobby

The retail craft chain has an online store with a section that neither Amazon nor Hygloss offers. Their DIY section includes videos on crafting and projects with complete walk-throughs. This makes some of the more difficult projects look easier and gives novice do-it-yourselfers the encouragement to try them. It’s a great idea for a commercial website.

Finding age-appropriate project material on Hobby Lobby’s website is as difficult as finding it on Amazon. Both sites make an emphasis on adult crafts and projects which can make it challenging to find appropriate supplies for children.

There are other websites out there where you can buy craft supplies and none of these three go into the depth of supplies necessary for more eclectic projects. Finding specialised tools and equipment is much easier through websites that cater to those specific projects than through a more generic website, however, for most crafters and do-it-yourselfers these online stores will carry the bulk of project needs.

27 Jun 2017 13:16


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