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Successfully branding your blog - A necessity in the modern marketing world

The brand you have for your business is your image. This is how people will perceive you. Your blog needs to be properly branded so that you can survive in the modern marketing world. Readers generally do not think much about the brand of a blog but that is exactly why branding works. A really good branding campaign will make people devoted to products, fans of the service or simply blog fans. When you learn how to start a blog you are not told about branding so there is a strong possibility there are many things you do not know. If you want to properly brand a blog, you need to think about the following.
Have a purpose

Think about what you want to accomplish with the business blog so you know exactly why you are blogging in the first place. In some cases the purpose is entertaining the visitors with stories. In other cases the goal is to educate. No matter the case, after you know what your purpose is you will surely be able to improve your entire branding campaign.

A strong tagline and name

Both the tagline and the name have to be very strong and reflect the brand. When they are read the new visitor should instantly figure out what the blog will talk about. All really well-known blogs are unique and catchy. People do remember how they are spelled after just hearing about the blog a couple of times. Sometimes it is hard to get a new blog name since there are restrictions related to the business. In this case simply focus on the tagline.

Visual identity

In only three seconds from landing on the blog the reader makes a decision to stay or look for something else. This is why you need a very strong visual identity with properly chosen graphics, colors and fonts. Everything is connected to the visual identity of the brand since all has to match. As an extra tip, do be sure you put extra focus on the site’s header since this is the first thing the visitor will see.

Writing style

This is the one part of branding a blog that few people think about. It is really important that the writing style is properly defined. Many will keep coming back to the blog because of the voice that it has. All words used will tell a story so writing is a vital part in crafting a successful brand. Consider both tone and formatting so that you can come up with a style that is perfect according to what the target audience expects to see.

Social media consistency

Consistency among all social media channels is vital for modern blog branding. You want to have the same name used and show the exact same personality, no matter what platform is utilized. For instance, if you write really good tutorials on the blog, people will follow you on Twitter as they want to learn. When Twitter is simply a news hub about company promotions it is a certainty that results are not going to be as great as they could be.

21 Jun 2017 12:27


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