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Five global retreats every entrepreneur should attend

As an entrepreneur, you're always watching for the next great conference or retreat to attend to hone your skills and expand your knowledge. These events occur all around the world and in some of the most beautiful destinations.
If you love to travel and see the world, here are five ideas for your next entrepreneurial adventure:

1. Inspiring entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur knows the value of attending conferences, seminars, and other networking events. It’s a great way to meet potential connections, and see innovative products in development.

There’s a lot to learn from these networking events, but have you considered being a speaker at an event designed to inspire others? Rather than constantly being inspired, perhaps it’s time to be the inspiration.

For the last few years, Anáhuac University in Cancún, Mexico, has hosted an event called “Inspirando Emprendedores”, or “Inspiring Entrepreneurs”. This event draws a crowd full of aspiring young entrepreneurs as well as business leaders who come to hear speakers share their successes, challenges, and failures. The speakers also cover informative topics like how to discover your strengths, how to structure a corporation, the basics of marketing, and how to handle labour law disputes (and win).

While these topics might be 'old hat' to you, the new generations are just getting started and they’re looking to experienced players in the game for advice.

When was the last time you took the time to help someone else grow? Philanthropy and vacation in this case go together well. Cancún is a beautiful place to explore, especially with so many natural wonders and archaeological treasures left behind by ancient Mayan civilizations.

Entrepreneurship is a two-way street. Everyone learns from each other along the way, and there’s no better cause than inspiring the youth of tomorrow.

2. Endeavor retreats

Endeavor retreats aren’t your usual networking events where entrepreneurs fight for attention, listen to panels of boring speakers, and hope to find that prized connection that will give their business a boost. Endeavor retreats are specifically for Endeavor Network members and industry experts.

Endeavor is a series of structured programmes that selects entrepreneurs with high potential for impact and mentors them through to success.

Launched in 1997, this entrepreneur’s playground just celebrated its 20th anniversary. This year’s keynote speakers included Ryan Graves (Uber’s first employee), Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, and Chris Schroeder, author of Startup Rising.

Diversified programmes

Some entrepreneurial retreats and conferences load up on speakers who rehash strategies and techniques for marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. While these topics can be useful, that’s not what Endeavor is about.

Endeavor is an interactive experience that caters to the immediate needs of entrepreneurs, rather than producing another passive networking experience. They’ve created programmes that help entrepreneurs access talent, capital, and markets, as well as training programmes that provide them with the necessary resources for success.

3. Digital Hollywood

Digital Hollywood is a networking and tech-based conference hosted twice a year in Southern California and New York, and is open to everyone. At this conference, you can select events from a daily schedule to listen to panels of speakers share their tech expertise and knowledge.

The panels run all day according to a set schedule, and run simultaneously in various conference rooms across the hotel. Each session is about 45 minutes and the speakers will answer questions at the end. This is a great way to stay on top of the latest trends in digital marketing.

On the flipside, as an entrepreneur, you can become a speaker, or buy vendor space to show off your products or services in the spacious hallways and meet potential investors and partners.

Remember to have some fun, too

If you’re not into the fame and glamour of Hollywood’s tacky tourist culture, you don’t have to mingle on Hollywood Boulevard or board a double-decker bus, but you can check out some famous Southern California architectural history. If you only have time to visit one place, the luxurious Hearst Castle should be it.

4. Global Business School Retreat

Another wonderful retreat for entrepreneurs is the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, held for seven days every November in Cancun, Mexico.

With over 105,000 graduates who are making a difference in the world with their businesses, this is one retreat you don’t want to miss. You’ll learn how to see opportunity everywhere and learn the ropes for developing the right venture deal, gaining sources for finances, and achieving high levels of success in a short amount of time.

One thing this retreat does differently is end their sessions at 8pm, giving you time to mingle, brainstorm, and network into the evening and still get enough rest to start the next day at 8am.

As an added bonus, the retreat has negotiated discounts for restaurants in the area to provide you with the best experience possible.

5. Getaways to feed your soul

Attending retreats to improve your knowledge and skills as an entrepreneur are wonderful, and you should also consider attending at least one retreat to rejuvenate and recharge your mind, body, and soul.

Consider one of these top getaways for entrepreneurs. With some of these retreats, you can embark on a beautiful journey, enjoy nourishing meals in the beauty of nature, and bask in the glorious sun surrounded by nature and like-minded individuals. These types of retreats are the perfect way to recharge your mind before jumping back into the world of business.

22 May 2017 15:34


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