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Wearing the right socks for the job

So, you've heard of wearing the right shoes for the job, but what about the right socks? If you're on your feet all day and you don't have the correct support you could be damaging your posture and body including your feet, knees and back. You've seen shoes that help with posture, but perhaps you can't wear them in your job - you need to uphold an image and that comes from how you dress to what you wear on your feet. If you suffer from sore, swollen, sweaty or smelly feet read on for how to address this issue to make your working day much more comfortable.

Sore feet

If you are on your feet all day it is inevitable that you are going to suffer from this; especially women who wear heels. There are many ways to stop those feet from hurting after a long day at work such as a foot spa or a foot massage. Foot spas are a great way of relieving pain as the water massages the feet, increasing circulation and helping to relieve tension. This is just a temporary solution and although it will relieve pain at the time, the next day you will be coming home needing to soak your feet again.

Swollen feet

Swollen feet can happen for many reasons and may be a sign of a medical condition, so if you’re concerned by how your feet or ankles are swelling, seek medical advice. Often exercise and weight loss can help reduce swelling.

Sweaty or smelly feet

Often, working in a hot environment or running around all day can lead to hot feet, it is inevitable. This can lead to your feet becoming sweaty and you feeling uncomfortable, and sometimes smelly. This is completely normal because your feet are under strain and tired when you have been standing on them all day. You can buy sprays to squirt in your shoes to help get rid of any smell, and wearing more open shoes can help with the sweating - but this may not always be an option.

How the right socks can help

Wearing the correct socks can help eliminate each of these problems. A new range of socks from Wool Fresh have been produced which can target each of these problems. If you have sore feet, Wool Fresh provides cushioned socks, which are ideal for adding extra comfort and support to the bottom of your feet without having to change shoes. For swollen feet, you need socks that will help stimulate blood circulation to the feet, and Wool Fresh socks have a comfort band which promotes blood flow rather than cutting off the circulation to your feet like many socks do. For sweaty and smelly feet, Wool Fresh socks pull moisture away and eliminate odour.

Looking after your feet is the best way vital in order to improve your posture and comfort at work - after all they have to carry us around all day.

3 May 2017 11:56


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