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Six ways to give your content marketing a more competitive edge

Strong SEO and great content marketing go hand in hand. It's hard to get noticed on search engines and social media if your blog posts don't spark attention or reach the right audience. Without a solid content marketing strategy, your SEO is toast.
“SEO demands content,” says internet marketer and blogger Neil Patel. He explains that too many marketers try to treat SEO and content marketing as separate entities, which creates discrepancies in marketing success.

“Content marketing needs SEO, and your SEO needs content marketing. These are no longer disparate departments with disconnected efforts. An SEO [marketer] needs to know about content marketing, and vice versa.”

Higher search engine rankings aren’t a given when you work on your content marketing, though. It’s no secret that the right use of keywords, link-building, social sharing, and guest blogging can put you ahead of competitors, and make for fierce competition. If you’re struggling to beat your competitors with content marketing, try some of these strategies.

1. Optimise with WebCEO

Your content marketing strategy is often only as good as your tools. Thousands of marketers trust WebCEO to improve their content marketing. They offer free and paid SEO features, including:
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor backlink spy
  • Content submissions
  • Competitor metrics
  • Backlink quality check
These are just a few of the many options that can carry content marketing and SEO metrics to the next level.

2. Improve your writing process

An inefficient writing process not only slows your content creation, but can also lower quality. Improvement strategies include:
  • Hire writers who specialise in content creation.
  • Dive deep into your niche and explore unexplored topics.
  • Use free, downloadable templates from sites like Hloom to generate quick but high-quality content.
  • Create an editorial calendar to publish regular and consistent content.
  • Spend more time editing for better quality.
  • Publish articles on both your blog and guest sites to increase exposure.
When you make writing processes more efficient while maintaining quality, you’ll become a thought leader in your industry.

3. Monitor the competition

Compose a list of your main competitors and monitor their content marketing activities. Subscribe to your competitors’ blogs and sign up for their newsletters. You can also set up Google alerts that instantly show you competitor publications and new product reveals.

There are also tools for competitor spying. The Web CEO Backlink Spy, for example, will watch up to 10 competitors, note backlink opportunities, automated schedules, linking pages analysis, and more, and deliver the information in a tidy report.

By monitoring the competition closely, you can remain an authority figure in the field. Knowing what others publish and promote gives you opportunities to jump ahead of them.

4. Watch social media performance

Along with watching what your competitors publish, follow their social media performance. Tools like BuzzSumo will let you search competitive sites and see social data on their videos, infographics, and articles.

The collected data will let you enter an existing conversation for a targeted audience. You’ll analyse what the target enjoys reading so you can present similar content in your own social strategies and drive engagement.

5. Diversify your content

Though blog posts are the base form of content in most marketing strategies, they’re only the bare minimum for a strong content strategy. Most organisations ought to add a mixture of visual content as well.

According to research, visuals such as infographics, memes, charts, and other graphics get 94 percent more page views than plain text. You can also play with videos and interactive content. This requires more thought and resources, but it will offer something new and unique to your target audience. When done well, this is the stuff of viral response.

6. Differentiate your voice

If you want your brand to stand out, your content must do the same. You’re basically branding your content through publishing, and it should display the kind of voice your target audience finds engaging.

For example, Moz’s Whiteboard Friday offers a series of templated videos and illustrated blog posts that share useful tidbits in SEO. Avid followers know the site will feature whiteboard illustrations as well as translate complex topics into simple speech.

In other words, Moz has designed an incredibly useful piece of content for its brand. Gaining a sharper competitive edge requires attention to detail as you create engaging content. With the right tools at your disposal, and a consistent effort in SEO, you can work your way up the competitive ranks.

28 Mar 2017 16:21


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