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Should I hire a marketing consultant?

You don't need an expert to tell you that marketing is a fundamental piece of your business. It's oftentimes what makes or breaks your success. But you might be considering hiring an outside consultant to help boost your sales and bring more attention to your business.
Is it really worth the money?

What a marketing consultant does

The fundamental responsibility of a marketing consultant will be to help your organisation create and implement marketing strategies. They’ll have a thorough knowledge of things like:
  • Targeting consumers
  • Effective advertising platforms
  • Marketing within a budget
  • Creating an actionable marketing plan
  • Composing content to send the right message
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation and promotion, including link building
  • Reputation management
  • Image and brand awareness
  • Consumer behaviour and customer psychology
Each marketing consultant may also have expertise in a certain niche, adding further capabilities to their repertoire.

Companies usually hire a marketing consultant because he or she is an expert in a field that the company might otherwise know very little about. You can’t possibly know everything about every aspect of your business, and a consultant can fill in the gaps much better than you can on your own.

This only applies, however, if you hire a good consultant who has proven their worth. You can measure a consultant by their monetary success, reviews from others, and media exposure. Talk to those who have used their services to make sure you’ll be in good hands. You can see incredible benefits in the hands of a great consultant.

Pros and cons

Like every major business decision, there are pros and cons to consider. A marketing consultant might be essential for one organisation seeking to raise their sales while debilitating for another. Consider both sides of the argument carefully before making any commitments.

Pro: Define strategies

A consultant will almost certainly begin by helping you define your marketing strategies. These plans will act as guidelines for your sales, advertising, brand reputation, etc. Their guidance will lead you to make stronger goals and define your action plans so they’re more effective overall.

If your marketing strategy isn’t working, or there are obvious pitfalls that you’re unsure how to correct, hiring a consultant can make all the difference. They’ll carefully assess the data and metrics within your organisation and make some recommendations for improvements.

Con: Can be costly

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of a marketing consultant is the cost. In many cases, the price will be absorbed by the rise in your sales, but not everyone has this luck. With a marketing consultant costing as much as $150 per hour, it’s a big gamble to take.

Carefully analyse your costs and sales to see if it would be viable to hire a marketing consultant. The answer may be that you should wait a little longer before hiring someone. You shouldn’t try to jump into hiring an expensive consultant if you’re still crawling. On the other hand, if your sales projections have the potential to double with better marketing, the initial cost is well worth it.

Pro: Utilise the newest trends

As a business owner, you may not be acquainted with all of the latest technology and marketing trends that can significantly boost your sales. A marketing consultant is well versed in tools and topics that can influence your business for the better. They know the industry better than anyone, and they’ll help you take full advantage of what’s available.

Con: Running before you crawl

Many business owners have terrible experiences with consultants because they hire prematurely. You must first lay the foundation for the consultant. Those who don’t end up spending more money than they can get back.

It’s important to remember that consultants are good at their jobs, but they aren’t miracle workers. No amount of market expertise can make up for a poor business plan or an organisation that’s not ready for bigger steps. Those who hire a consultant after they’ve established the firm groundwork for a business often see incredible results.

Pro: Take something off your plate

When you’re busy and your internal departments are overworked, hiring a consultant can lift a heavy burden. You’ll get the help you need without overburdening yourself or your marketing department.

You may look at a poor marketing strategy and attempt to guess your biggest issues, wasting resources in an attempt to fix the wrong problem. An experienced advisor will look at the plans and identify the issue as well as enact an efficient recovery plan. You won’t waste time and resources in the process.

Should you hire a marketing consultant?

The answer to this question rests largely on your shoulders. You should first weigh the pros and cons carefully, running the numbers to ensure a beneficial business plan. Outcomes will differ based on situations.

That being said, most organisations benefit significantly from the use of a marketing consultant – but only when they’re ready for it. The pros far outweigh the cons, and the cost is almost always absorbed by the improved sales.

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