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A story of success: The road from startup to a worldwide e-commerce phenomenon

Romania has long been known as a country where multinational corporations find professional and hardworking individuals. But not long ago, Romania started nurturing an interesting entrepreneurial culture.
A story of success: The road from startup to a worldwide e-commerce phenomenon
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At the moment, according to the online database Romanian Startups, there are close to 300 startups built from scratch in the country, while last year there were 250. The startup sector is currently experiencing a growth in the number of incubators, angel investors and founders, willing to provide capital for small businesses with innovative ideas.

Romania’s most precious asset is its tech talent pool, and it’s still somewhat easier to find and hire a skilled developer here in comparison to London or Berlin.

Although the tech startup sector is close to the middle age of its development cycle, some of the developing companies are potential game-changers.

A marketing automation tool that generates over 800 million revenue for its customers

Retargeting.Biz, the Romanian startup that caught the attention of many important online retailers like Fashion Up, Floria, Zorile Store, Glittio, Meli Melo and Evolio, is constantly growing and developing overseas.

Born as a home-based small B2B business that developed a marketing automation tool for retargeting online customers, the company managed to open their first office in Los Angeles, with a prominent local presence in Bulgaria and Poland.

Retargeting.Biz generates revenue for over 1,000 customers worldwide, each of them coming from different business areas, such as fashion, IT&C, banking, home decorations, flowers, sports and travel, most of them being leaders in the e-commerce sector where they operate in. Outside Romania, Retargeting.Biz has clients from USA, Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, India and Vietnam.

This complex marketing automation tool that helps e-commerce businesses to communicate with their customers in a personalised manner comes with default settings and workflows, but it can be easily customised according to the business area and the segment of customers that they interact with.

Retargeting.Biz distinguishes itself from other marketing automation tools with its performance-based pricing and a totally different approach to communication and customer profiling. is constantly improving in order to help online stores build a solid and efficient communication with their customers. This marketing automation tool reached a total number of 15 custom workflows for triggered email communications. All the email messages sent trough Retargeting are personalised and include SMS reminder functionality.

A strong and professional team has grown naturally, along with the company’s expansion strategy. At the moment, the team has 25 employees, all of them being experts in the technology and digital fields of activity. They offer high-quality client service to e-commerce companies, helping them adding incredible value to their business.

The Retargeting automation tool combines website and newsletter personalisation, dynamic ad displaying, database segmentation and A/B testing. All of the features can be customised and modified to better suit the browsing behaviour of each customer. With Retargeting, customising the messages according to the interactions of each visitor leads to an up to 50% increase in revenue for most online stores in the first three months.

7 Mar 2017 10:12


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