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Here's how you can hire a marketing dream team

The talent you stock in your marketing departments will largely determine the direction your business goes in the future. If you get the right creative minds in there, the sky is the limit. But if you hire the wrong people, then you'll risk wallowing in mediocre results for years to come.
Five tips for making the right hires

Making one good hire is fairly easy. Any business can happen upon a talented prospect or simply luck into hiring one. But consistently making one good hire after another takes a considerable amount of skill and experience. If you want to stock your marketing department with top-notch talent, then you should consider these practical tips:

1. Look for people with a student mentality

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of danger in hiring people who have already filled up their resume with accolades and titles. These people often get to a point where they feel they’ve “made it” and deserve to coast into the next stage. They also tend to be more expensive, but that’s another point entirely.

That’s why it’s beneficial to hire people who have a student mentality. These are people are moldable and willing to learn. You’ll discover that these employees are much easier work with.

2. Hire based on fit

It’s a good idea to look for skills that you want in your new marketing hires, but don’t assume a skillset is everything. In the end, you should always hire based on fit. You can teach skills, but it’s nearly impossible to fit a square peg into a round hole. Plus, when you hire someone who doesn’t fit your culture, there’s always the chance that they could have a negative influence on your existing culture and compromise the future of your business.

3. Stop wasting time

Far too many businesses waste time doing tasks that don’t add any value to the talent acquisition process. For example, they’ll spend days interviewing candidates, yet very little time vetting them.

With the technology at your disposal, it’s easy to conduct quick video interviews. Using this method, you can complete four or five interviews in just a couple of hours. This accelerates the process and allows you to focus on whittling down your list of candidates for more in-depth interviews later on.

4. Ask the right questions

It could be argued that hiring marketers is more difficult than hiring salespeople, engineers, or just about anyone else. This is because marketing is subjective and unquantifiable. As a result, the interview and the questions asked are important.

Marketing expert Geoffrey James always asks the following three questions: What is the difference between marketing and selling? How would you contribute if you were temporarily assigned to our sales group? Tell me about your personal brand?

5. Actually contact references

The final tip is to actually contact the references you request on the application. Many employers never do this and assume the references will offer glowing recommendations. The truth is that you can uncover a lot of information by simply following up and asking some telling questions.

Give talent acquisition the attention it deserves

It’s time to stop discounting the importance of talent acquisition, especially in entry-level positions. Your entry-level marketers will one day turn into the people who are applying for managerial and executive leadership positions.

The more effort you put into finding the right talent from the beginning, the better off you’ll be when these people are eventually calling the shots and making key decisions for your brand.

3 Mar 2017 10:17


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