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How to make your office more eco-friendly

Environmental challenges are something that is facing many businesses across the world and here in South Africa is no different. Not only are we trying to improve the state of the planet but we also know that a greener office is almost always a more cost-effective office, and who doesn't want to save money!
Today we are going to take a look at some of the tips and tricks which you can employ in your office to make it greener and more economically friendly.

Get solar power

The installation of solar panels in your office can significantly reduce you electricity costs and help to make the office far more environmentally friendly. The initial outlay of the solar panels will be paid for in the first couple of years as a result of the money which you will be saving on electricity bills.

Create a recycling culture

Most offices have mountains of junk which they can easily recycle. Set up various bins for paper, food waste, plastics, metal and glass. There are lots of companies who work with offices and will arrive once per week to pick up the trash and take it to a recycling depot. Ensure that everyone in the office knows what you are trying to do and encourage them to recycle.

Go paperless

If you are still using paper for much of your practices then it is time to stop, with the exception of important contracts, you can pretty much take the whole of your productivity online. Deforestation is a very real threat and our demand for paper requires more trees to be cut down. Going paperless also has practicality benefits and means that you will no longer require so much space to store the reams of paper which you have.

New bathroom

Busy bathrooms use a lot of water and there are new installations which can help you save how much water that you are using. Self-flushing toilets, waterless urinals and non-drip taps are just a few of the features which you should think about installing in order to help reduce your water usage, save money and be more environmentally friendly.

Car pool club

Help your employees to save money on their commute and help to save the planet by setting up a car pooling club. Encourage your employees to buddy up when it comes to getting to work, not only can this help the planet but it can also have a positive impact on your team as people create stronger relationships.

Home working

If you have staff that could work from home then encourage them to do this once or twice per week. this will save on electricity consumption and it will be one more commuter who doesn’t need to use their car. Make sure that you have trust in your employees and set them tasks for their days at home. This will help your employees feel happier in their job, and help you to stay greener.

27 Feb 2017 13:31


About Boris Dzhingarov

Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with a major in marketing. He is the CEO of ESBO ltd brand mentioning agency. He writes for several online sites such as,,, Boris is the founder of and

Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
I think that a lot of companies in this day and age are actually very aware of the importance of having to keep their companies sustainable - not just because it helps them to save money, but because of the way that it portrays their business image to clients and customers. It would make sense for some to look at office removals to a more efficient and sustainable building if it's in line with their business portfolio in some cases even!
Posted on 11 Jun 2018 07:04