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A look at the most popular sports in the UK

No matter what your favourite sport is, the one thing you have to admit is that the UK is certainly a nation of loyal fans. From football to athletics, we love our clubs, love our athletes, and so we follow them throughout their entire seasons and careers! If you are about to visit to place a little wager on your favourite club or on a particular event, why stop there? It's so much fun to bet on something you have really never followed before. Many believe this to be ‘beginner's luck,' so try your hand at the five most popular sports in the UK.
1) Football

Without a doubt, football is the most popular sport in the UK and although the name is the same as the most popular game in the United States, they are nothing alike as a sport! Football, aka soccer, is one game that always draws loyal fans and is perhaps the most betted on game of any in the world. Not only is it popular in the UK but throughout all of Europe as well and on into Asia. It isn’t as popular in North America, but in South America there are some amazing clubs. If you’re looking for a solid sport to bet on day after day, football should be your number one choice.

2) Cricket

Oddly, being the national game of the United Kingdom, you would think cricket would be in first place as the most popular. It is actually second to football. Perhaps it is because it isn’t quite as boisterous as football, but it can get pretty lively at times and another oddity is that cricket isn’t amongst the sports that is most widely bet on. Yes, it gets its fair share of wagers, but football and racing (horses and dogs) seem to get more action when it comes to gambling. Actually, cricket is viewed as the game of sophistication and that is what the UK is most noted for worldwide – upper-crust sophistication and general good manners.

3) Rugby

In many countries around the world, rugby is more of a collegiate game than a professional sport, but not so in the UK. As the third most popular sport in the UK, you can always bet that there is going to be some major betting going on when the season is in full swing. This is one sport you want to get your bets in early because there are bound to be fans waiting in the wings to get their bets in early as well! A highly promoted sport.

4) Badminton

Here is another ‘upper-crust’ sport that is rarely played in many other countries and as the fourth most popular sport in the UK, it would behove visitors to learn a bit about it. Similar, in many ways, to the fifth most popular sport in the UK, Badminton is a racket game, but not the kind you fear!

5) Tennis

Whether solo or in pairs, this is a sport that sees its fair share of action when it comes to wagering on matches, and as the 5th most popular sport in the UK, fans follow their favourite players religiously. A very fast-paced sport that requires loads of stamina and strength, so much wagering is placed on which player seems to have the three S’s – Strength, Speed and Stamina.

Of course, there are other popular sports, including horse and greyhound racing as well as athletics, but these are the most popular in terms of what we consider to be traditional sports. When it comes to betting, horses and dogs are up there on a par with football, but when it comes to spectator sports, these traditional five may hold the lead.

20 Feb 2017 10:36


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