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What marketing techniques work best for law firms?

Every single marketing campaign is focused on getting new clients for the business. With law firms we refer to getting new clients that would be represented. While based on the law type that is covered we can have different requirements, the basis is always the same.
As you would expect, there are always many marketing strategies that could be used with law firms. However, some will be a lot better than others. We will talk about those that work best for regular law firms, like

Focusing on previous clients

The great thing about law firms is that previous clients can easily become current long-term clients. The smart law firm will never discard the current client contact data. Setting up a good communication channel with the past clients (through email marketing or even by phone) can bring in a lot of business in the future. Discounts can be offered for the returning clients.

Dedicate a specific revenue percentage for marketing purposes

With law firms, just as with all businesses, it is really easy to end up not having money for marketing purposes. In order to solve this problem, dedicate 3% of revenues for marketing campaigns. That will not impact the wages and can create highly effective marketing, which is what you want at the end of the day. Investing money in promotions is a necessity for a law firm, even if now there are many clients that are serviced.

Liven up websites with pictures and videos

If you look at most of the law firm websites out there you will quickly notice that they are quite blank. You want to be sure that yours is better. Liven it up by using high-quality pictures and videos. Producing high-quality video content is much cheaper than what you may now think. Branding will be improved and site visitors will be much more interested in learning more about the work that is done.

Improve word of mouth

No matter what law firm you want to promote, word of mouth can be really effective. The satisfied clients are going to refer friends and colleagues. That means that you want to invest some of the promotion budget into treating clients properly. It is not possible to directly control the results of word of mouth but indirectly, if you improve the service you offer, it will be highly beneficial. This practically means that one of the best marketing strategies you can use when promoting law firms is word of mouth.

Measure all results

A big mistake made by law firms is investing in marketing campaigns without measuring results. If you cannot track results, how do you know if what you do is effective or not? Be sure that you always set up some sort of monitoring system that helps you to see if your marketing budget is effectively spent or not.

On the whole, the main idea is to be sure that you know everything that happens and that you focus on creating marketing campaigns that would work. Law firms can find this to be difficult but if you measure results, you will find a good recipe for success.

15 Feb 2017 12:47


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