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How to treat the customers of your business better

Any company is defined by many things, including how customers are treated. You can use tremendous advertising campaigns and still end up with bad results in the long run if customer service is bad. Word-of-mouth advertising still is the best advertising and can do so much for your company. Negativity among customers is hard to avoid but you do that when you treat every single person with adequate respect. If you want to be sure this is the case, here are some tips that will help you to treat all customers better.
Make things as easy as possible

Customers need to find it really simple to do everything. For instance, if you run a registration-based opportunity, you want to run state-of-the-art online registration software. If you have a customer support line, you want to make it really easy for the customer to find it and reach the people that would solve their problems. In many cases a customer is basically forced to talk with many different departments until the problem is resolved. This should be removed in order to offer proper customer service and increase satisfaction.

Limiting given customer attendance

When a customer is passed to another representative it sends out a message that things are not done professionally, especially when you already have been dealing with the customer for some time. You end up with the customer believing he/she is unwanted. The customer automatically starts to think that the company is bad. You do not want to be faced with such a situation.

Eliminate long phone calls

It is a certainty you will have customers that will want to call you. You surely know that it is a bad idea not to answer but it is equally bad to have really long phone support contact time. At the same time, when you have many different phone numbers for various reasons you can end up with many customers choosing the wrong number because of the inevitable confusion that appears. Always be sure you make it as easy as you can in order to have the customer contact someone that can actually help.

Acknowledge mistakes

When customers see that a company made a mistake but there is no acknowledgment of that, business is automatically lost. It is normal for a company to make a mistake but it is not normal for zero response to be offered. You want to be sure that the error is corrected and that you do admit that something bad happened. That will make your customers have a really good feeling about the experience, even if it was bad from different points of view. More business will be done in the future without hesitation.

A human call centre

Last but not least, you want to be sure the call centre comes off as being human. In many cases customers end up with a very bad experience because the call centre appears robotised. That happens because many of the staff members are forced to handle calls in specific amounts of time. Representatives cannot offer great support when such a pressure appears.

16 Jan 2017 15:51


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