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The Obamacare affordable health insurance plans

Have you ever been denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition? Numerous people want affordable health insurance plans but this used to be a big problem for those with pre-existing conditions. Thanks to Obamacare, this is no longer the case today.
Importance of affordable health insurance plans

There are numerous types of health plans and they come with varying insurance rates. Different factors can affect one's health insurance cost. For instance, the elderly and women may pay higher amounts due to the number of concerns and consultations expected from them.

It is important for each aspiring plan holder to take a look at every potential policy before picking one. Likewise, it is crucial to educate oneself on the many ways to lower one's premium. You get an insurance plan with the aim of having something to rely on, so you better be cautious when selecting your plan.

Pre-existing conditions and health insurance

Meanwhile, below are some facts you may still not know about pre-existing conditions and health insurance:
  • You cannot obtain health insurance any time of the year.

    Are you planning to buy insurance through marketplaces or exchanges? If so, know that you can only do so during open enrolment periods.

  • Pre-existing conditions do not include age.

    While people with pre-existing conditions are able to obtain health insurance without being charged more since 2014, companies can still charge more for elderly people. In other words, age is not a pre-existing condition. And the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows companies to charge more to people based on their age.

  • You cannot get insurance while you're on your way to the hospital.

    It takes time to apply for health insurance and get it. You cannot do it while being loaded onto an ambulance.
Obtaining health insurance can be a little confusing and challenging. That is why it is important for you to fully understand the policy you would like to have.

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, President Obama's healthcare law, made it illegal to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Examples of these conditions were epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, pregnancy, and heart disease.

With the information above, it is apparent that the possible repealing of the Obamacare will affect millions of Americans. To be exact, there are 58 million of them. But it is also important to take note that President-elect Donald Trump said he would like to keep the provision for those with pre-existing conditions despite his intention to repeal and replace the healthcare law.

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