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Virtual data rooms: An investment that brings in more investments

Storing your files on your hard drive is no longer enough; your files need to be easily accessible and well organised.
Quick information dissemination has become increasingly important due to digitalisation. For quick and easy file accessibility, it would be wise to invest in a virtual data room for your business.

What is a virtual data room?

A virtual data room is an online repository of data. This differs from generic file sharing programs in terms of security and purpose.

A virtual data room offers security, advanced functionality, selective access features, and full customisability. They are ideal for businesses to facilitate the sharing of critical information with clients and investors in an online, secure environment.

Your business needs a virtual data room to ensure that your files are well managed and secure. Otherwise, your files and their security could be compromised if you fail to act immediately. Below are the benefits to using a virtual data room for starting your business:

1. Document and space preservation

Paper documents are prone to swift decay. The paper itself wears easily, and the ink on it starts to fade. Moreover, manually sorting through files is a tedious process. Having the files digitally accessible will preserve the contents of your files and will eliminate the hassles associated with manual record keeping. In addition, it is also very convenient to keep several backups of your digital records. This would prove to be difficult with paper documents that are both hard to sort through and space consuming.

2. 24/7 remote access

Physical data rooms allow access to your documents only during certain hours and at a location that would take time and effort to travel to. However, a virtual data room allows access anytime and anywhere. This will also allow your investors and clients to have access whenever they want.

3. Easier and faster transactions

Opting to have your own virtual data room allows smoother and quicker transactions. With a physical data room, some transactions would have to take multiple visits to a physical data room to finish. Alternatively, a virtual data room will save you and your clients and investors both time and effort.

4. Information dissemination

A virtual data room not only optimises, but also organises information. Your investors and clients can then have access to this level of organisation, and it will be more convenient for them to browse through the data.

Your investors and clients will appreciate the convenience and ease and are more likely to place a good bid on funding or projects as a result. At the same time, you will also know what documents and information your clients and investors are going through so you’d be able to ascertain who is going through your documents and files and at what times.


There are certainly a lot of benefits to having a virtual data room. However, they are not foolproof and still have room to grow. As our technology will progress, so will our virtual data rooms. Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to invest in a virtual data room for your business in order to attract new clients and investors and keep your company on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

29 Dec 2016 14:34


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