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10 tools every DIY professional needs to own

It seems as though the DIY frenzy has caught up with the world as more and more homeowners are turning to professionals to help them complete projects around the home. If you have started a business completing all kinds of DIY projects, and feel you have the necessary skills to sell your services, here are ten tools that your business certainly can't do without.

1. Toolbox

Of course, if you are going to gather tools you will be using for your DIY business, you will want a good toolbox and hopefully one that locks. Whether you simply invest in a carry-case style or a multi-drawer tool chest on wheels, the better quality you can afford, the more tools you can collect and store safely!

2. Assorted hardware

As suggested by the American manufacturer of washers and gaskets, Superior Washer, a DIY business should always have a good assortment of hardware on hand. From nuts and bolts to washers, gaskets, screws and nails, you never know just what you might need, and when, so keep a good supply in your toolbox.

3. Hammers

Although you may need a number of different types of hammers, you should always have at least one good claw hammer in your toolbox. Not only can you hammer nails in but these are good for ripping them out as well. And, we all know that we never bend a nail or place it incorrectly, so why should we have one? That’s right! In case a friend needs to borrow it.

4. Pliers – locking and/or combination types

Okay, get a grip on it! From locking pliers to combination pliers, you will most definitely need at least one type for every project you can think of.

5. Wrenches

There are a number of different types of wrenches you could choose from but always remember these are the perfect tools for grasping nuts and bolts so keep at least an adjustable wrench in your kit.

6. Awl and nail set

From marking off points with an awl to pounding that head just below the surface, every DIY professional must have a nail set and an awl in any good tool kit.

7. Good screwdriver set

You will also be called upon to use both flat head and cross-head, also referred to as Phillips-head, screwdrivers in almost any project. If you can find one that doesn’t use screws, you are one lucky DIY professional. You might want to keep handy a power detector screwdriver for those times when you aren’t exactly sure where the power lines are in a wall. If the little LED bulb lights up, you know there’s power right there and to find another place to put your screw or nail.

8. Knives

Everyone needs utility knives for everything from opening large cartons to cutting veneer when working with cabinetry, so keep various sized utility knives in your toolbox as well as scrapers you’ll need when cleaning up prior or after your project.

9. Tape measure

Length, height, width? You can’t eyeball it with any amount of accuracy, so keep a retractable tape measure nearby because there is no doubt about it, something will need to be measured at some point in your projects.

10. Level

While it’s vital to keep a level head about you as you become more frustrated than you had imagined prior to starting your project, we aren’t talking about that kind of level. Most projects will need to be level and without those little bubbles centering themselves when you’ve found a level surface, you’d have everything off to an angle and that just wouldn’t be right.

So then, DIY pros, here’s what you need to keep on hand for the vast variety of projects you may be called upon to help with. Once a DIYer always a DIYer, so don’t be caught without the tools you need. You’ll regret it if you do.

23 Dec 2016 13:41


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