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Four ways to get more out of your business meetings

There's a reason why every large corporation holds frequent board meetings - they're an effective way to drive the company in the appropriate direction based on collective ideas. Conducting brainstorming sessions with your company's brightest minds will only serve to help you prevent mistakes and make better decisions going forward. Unfortunately, many leaders have fallen into such a mundane routine with their meetings that these crucial gathering times are no longer facilitating the type of outcome they're capable of. With that said, here are four ways any business can get more out of every staff meeting:

1. Write your minutes more efficiently

First of all, if you're not recording minutes yet, that's something you need to start doing at your next meeting. Basically, the aim, as this infographic shows by GoToMeeting, is to write down and transcribe all of the key points made in a chronological order that makes it easier to revisit the meeting in your mind at a later date. After all, if you can't even remember what took place during the meeting how can you expect it to have a lasting impact on the direction of your business?

2. Have a topic agenda lined up

While this should be obvious to anyone who understands the importance of preparation, many companies still go into their weekly meetings to discuss random topics. Whoever is in charge of organising the meeting should take the time to prepare an exact agenda and inform anyone invited so that they can think about the key topics beforehand.

3. Gather materials and information

Just as it's imperative to come up with a set agenda, it's equally important to make sure you're showing up with informative props in-hand. You might even want to go as far as developing a slideshow presentation highlighting the most pertinent facts and handing out a printed version of the meeting agenda at the start.

4. Let everyone share their input

In a business meeting, as with most other things, the more you put in the more you'll get out. Don't make the mistake of only giving your high-ranking employees the floor. Instead, give everyone at the meeting a chance to speak their piece and you might just be surprised at some of the insights gained. Sometimes the entry-level employees will come up with something that is being overlooked by your senior team members, so it's always worthwhile to collect input from as many sources as possible.

Achieving the purpose of a meeting

In closing, try to keep the goal of your meeting in mind. In most cases, that means coming away with a new perspective and approach to the company's key problems and challenges. If you don't leave the discussion feeling as though you've accomplished something, you've essentially wasted the time of everyone in attendance. Fortunately, with the four tips above in mind you should be well on your way to improving productivity, creativity, and information retention at all of your future business meetings.

22 Dec 2016 16:48


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