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Business software worth spending on but most businesses ignore

In the modern way of doing business, using computers is inevitable and in using computers, using software is a necessity. But of course the choice is yours when it comes to what software you want to get. There is no "compulsory" software for a business. You don't have to spend if you don't want to. You can find freeware alternatives so you don't have to shell out cash that could be used for your business operating costs.
Image credit: Renjith Krishnan via
Image credit: Renjith Krishnan via
However, there is some highly useful business software that deserves to get paid for. This is software that makes a difference in the operations of a growing business. Most of the time, business owners or managers don’t pay attention to them, thinking that they are just unnecessary additional expenses without realising that they offer more than just what their name or description indicates.
  • Project management software - This software is designed to help in planning, organising, and managing resource tools as well as in developing resource estimates. It is a great software tool for businesses of all sizes involved in project-based operations as it effectively manages planning, estimation, scheduling, budget management, cost control, collaboration, resource allocation, decision-making, communication, documentation, as well as quality management tasks. Businesses can also benefit from using project management software when it comes to delegating tasks, staying on schedule, accurately monitoring projects, and communicating with clients and vendors.

  • Workflow management software - Similar to using project management software, there are benefits in spending for a workflow management software tool. Some of which is the reduced need for manual labour as repetitive tasks can be easily spotted and automated or assigned to other personnel. It also facilitates the streamlining of processes. Additionally, this software can enhance communication within an organisation and improve accountability since all details of operations, including the responsibilities of all involved, are properly and clearly laid out. Moreover, it can also help shorten project durations, which is particularly demonstrated in the use of workflow management software in construction businesses.

  • Accounting software - There’s a multitude of business accounting software available at present, with a good number of them available as freeware. However, it is advisable not to be stingy when it comes to your accounting platform. It is advisable to invest in high-quality business accounting software to ensure reliability, accuracy, ease of use, and adherence to prevailing accounting standards. If you have to use accounting software, better use something that ensures that you are maintaining records that are not just following generally accepted accounting principles but are also compliant to government regulations and standards. Cheap software and freeware are unlikely going to give you these advantages.

  • Customer relations management software - Also known as CRM, this software is intended for tracking a company’s interactions with current and prospective customers. It provides a good range of benefits including enhanced communication among employees involved in the customer relations front, better informational organisation, the automation of repetitive tasks, greater efficiency for many teams handling customer service, and enhanced data analysis and reporting. Of course, the use of CRM also greatly helps in improving customer service.

  • Email marketing software - There are many free email marketing software applications available but the most powerful, efficient, and feature-rich ones tend to come with a price. Nowadays, email marketing is something that can greatly benefit businesses, especially newer ones that are trying to reach out to new customers through their emails.
These software packages are not necessarily something every business needs to have. To clarify, this list is just about business software that is worth paying for depending on what a certain type of business needs. Also, it’s important to emphasise that the benefits mentioned above can only be had if you get good quality software, not some cheap and poorly developed applications that are just out to get your money. Important business functions such as accounting, project management, workflow management, accounting, customer relations management, and email marketing are complex and companies that develop software for these take a lot of time, effort, and resources to come up with the right software that efficiently addresses needs in these areas. Don’t expect that free software tools are enough, especially when it comes to reliability, compliance to standards, and compatibility/interconnectivity with other popular software tools.

15 Dec 2016 14:02


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