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How to find the right résumé for the right job

Creating the right team or set of employees is like completing a puzzle. You find through the pieces, you pick one, you place it to realise it's not the right one, and then you have to look through the pile as well. The hiring process is pretty much the same. You look through a pile of résumés, pick one candidate and put him or her in the position, often to find that they're not the right fit. Sadly, life is not a puzzle. In the whole process of hiring and realising you've hired the wrong person, you have wasted a huge amount of time and money as well, two scarce resources that no company should waste.
So how do you find the right piece in the puzzle and walk victorious? Given below are some tips:

Advertise everywhere but for the right people

The most important thing is to create a pile of résumés. You should collect as many as you can, but of course not the unnecessary ones. A few things to take care of include:
  • The job description: Make sure your advertisement very clearly explains what an employee would be expected to do. For example, if someone is expected to write movie reviews you should clearly explain that in the JD with other details, such as the nature of the movies. If you only advertise for a writer, you will receive a bunch of unnecessary résumés.
  • Make experience count: Some companies may be willing to hire fresh graduates for some positions, but senior positions mostly require an experienced candidate. Make sure your job description very clearly explains the minimum experience required so that only those who make the cut apply for the position. The minimum education should also be highlighted.
  • Advertise everywhere: You need to utilise as many hiring channels as possible, including online (social media, etc.), offline (magazines, etc.) and even contacts (current employees, etc.).
It is all about letting your expectations be known. Also, the decision-maker should skim through the résumés clearly and only shortlist candidates with real potential.

Consider more than what a résumé tells you

A résumé may not be the best tool to judge a candidate’s skills. It may highlight education, but a person generally knows more than what their résumé tells you. You need to be able to read between the lines, and only an experienced hiring manager can do that.

A few things to pay attention to include how the information is presented, how it is formatted, if they created a résumé keeping the job post in mind, etc. These small pointers will help you a lot in judging a person.

Other than this, check their hobbies and what kind of a mind they have. For example, if it is a creative job, someone who has an interest in creative hobbies may be the right fit, even if they do not have the required experience that you need. Do not lose a good candidate just because they do not appear to fit your criteria.

Also, implement a clear testing phase. You can even have a phone conversation to see how they speak. These clues will help you judge a person better. You may even have online tests if calling an employee for one is not feasible.

Provide employees what they want

Rafael Sarria, a successful businessman working in the cigar industry, says, “A number of employers think that the ‘offering’ part starts once you have someone on board. This is a wrongly held belief. You need to make an exciting offer in the job advertisement itself, and it starts with the salary and ends at perks. How will you make people apply for a job if they do not find it interesting enough?”

The question asked by Sarria makes a lot of sense. You need to provide incentives to your potential employees to first make them apply and come for an interview. Otherwise, you will not get enough applicants and you will have a very small pool of potential candidates to choose from.

If your company offers bonuses, make sure to mention this in the description. If you have perks, make them clear to the candidates. All this has to be explained well in advance, including the amount you’re willing to pay.

These simple tips will help you accumulate a nice collection of potential candidates. Once you have good enough résumés, the process to search for the right person among them starts. Make sure to have the right testing procedure so that you do not end up making a mistake.

5 Dec 2016 13:11


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