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Secure the social media accounts of your business

Business, as well as individuals, can learn a lesson from this summer's celebrity social media account hacks. If Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts were such an easy prey, what's left for other entrepreneurs, company profiles, and individual accounts that are fairly unprotected from the attacks of skilled internet offenders?
Social media privacy is not a term that resonates only with personal internet profiles and should be taken seriously by companies that decide to take their marketing into the online world. No matter if your business has one hundred or one million Facebook likes, the sole fact that you’ve put your brand out there is a reason enough to protect your company profiles from unwanted breaches.

There’s no doubt that social media hackers are a threat to the security of your business data. If you haven’t taken the time to randomise your password for the various accounts you’re using, chances are your entire company data is at stake. Social media accounts are just the beginning. Once the hacker gets into one account, it’s fairly easy to hack a company email and go even further by targeting valuable business systems or extracting critical data. That is, of course, if the company’s accounts are not well protected.

There are a few simple steps every business can take in providing an adequate data security for its social media accounts.

The 2012 LinkedIn hack, when more than 117 million e-mails and passwords leaked in the deep web, was a shocking event that exposed millions of businesses and individuals to potential threats. Although password strength is one of the prime factors that determine the quality of your account’s security, it won’t help against attacks directly towards the website servers. Choosing a randomly generated password for each account is the key to ensuring your company’s safety across a range of social platforms. In such cases, password managing software can help you better organise your account security data.

Yet, there are other ways your company data can get endangered by potential hacks. The risk of a WAP attack is frequently neglected, especially by small businesses which have no established network and data security practices. The use of a virtual private network is essential in this case. It provides an encrypted data transfer that keeps hackers at bay when connecting to valuable company systems, social media accounts, and cloud storage spaces through an unsecured open network. By choosing a reliable tool, companies can ensure their data is accessible only through a secure connection, no matter if employees connect from a public space where WAP attacks are a common occurrence.

Taking advantage of a two-factor authentication will add another layer of security to you social media accounts. This verification process uses your password as the first layer of security and urges you to verify your profile through the phone or with the use of another physical object, such as a mobile device, a token, a USB stick, or an ID card.

When it comes to expensive enterprise data security solutions, the two-factor authentication can also use a biological authentication factor, such as voice or face recognition, retina scan, fingerprint, or even DNA. This will make hacking your business accounts almost impossible. But even if you opt for a simpler solution the time and location factors will also keep your accounts protected. This means that whenever a potential hacker tries to log in from an unverified location or during another active session he will have to verify his identity by confirming a security code that the account holder will receive on his device.

Installing an antivirus software will also help you avoid breaches. If your computer gets targeted by a hacker he can not only delete or extract valuable data but also take over your entire systems, including your business social media profiles. Creating a data backup and setting up an antivirus protection will decrease the risks of a possible attack.

1 Dec 2016 10:10


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