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JP Pietersen signs with Anyoption - Your company needs a brand ambassador too!

No matter where you turn you will see some of the biggest stars in sports endorsing brands and in return, those brands sponsor the player, the team, the league or sometimes even the sport itself. Sponsorship is huge and extremely important in the world of marketing for a number of reasons. But on the flipside, that brand ambassador speaking for your company is huge in the world of marketing as well, so it becomes a two-way street, a sort of give-and-take relationship. Here are a few things you should understand when looking for a marketing strategy, especially in your local market, that will work every time.
Why sponsorship is so important

Sponsorship, especially of a team, is perhaps one of the very best things you can do for your brand. Why? Because no one is more loyal than the fans who go out in all kinds of weather to support their home team. In their eyes, the brands that sponsor their teams can’t be bad, right? After all, they are on ‘our’ side and are rooting for ‘our’ team. If you want to quickly build a local following, sponsor a local team. It works every time.

Why brand ambassadors are vital to your marketing strategy

Have you ever thought why most of those major corporations pay sports stars to become their brand ambassadors? Again, it’s a trust factor such as how fans trust a brand that goes out of their way to sponsor the home team. It’s the same marketing psychology behind brand ambassadors. For example, let’s look at the recent deal struck with JP Pietersen, the South African rugby star, who signed a deal with

Now then, how much do you personally know about binary options? Unless you are a pro trader, you probably don’t know a lot. This makes JP’s endorsement (as a brand ambassador) vitally important. If JP trades with South Africa's only regulated broker, it must be legit – and of course it is, but not being a trader, how would you know that? In return, JP gets paid for his endorsement and quite often the brand also sponsors the athlete’s team. You see? It’s a two-way street. The brand wins and so does the player and his team.

A few conclusions you can draw from this

If you concluded that building on the loyalty of fans in your market is an effective way to promote your brand, you are absolutely correct – 100 percent! Also, if you concluded that sponsorship is an effective way to draw on the power of their loyalty, you are again correct. However, going one step further, if you sign one of their beloved players like JP Pietersen to be an ambassador for your brand, you now have that added edge that the competition simply can’t meet.

You are sponsoring the local team and in return they are, for all intents and purposes, sponsoring your brand. After all, their star player endorsed you, so you must be great. You love the team and the team loves you. A two-way street where everyone is a winner – what could be better? If you concluded ‘not much’ you are again 100% correct.

24 Nov 2016 10:28


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