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Why more people are turning to entrepreneurship... and e-commerce in particular

More people than ever are setting up their own businesses. The expansion of the internet has made it easier, and cheaper, than ever to set up on your own. E-commerce stores give people a wonderful opportunity to be their own boss, and to have complete control over their products. But is it worth the hassle? Is it worth losing job security for? Why are so many people giving up careers and jobs to go it alone?


People with creative talents might feel trapped in a traditional environment, especially when they see things they would do differently, or better products they could bring to the market. Instead of staying in an unhappy job, they often decide to set up their own e-commerce store to create and market their own products, or sell their own creative skills. Many people find this challenge incredibly exciting.

Work life balance

One of the main reasons people choose to start their own businesses, is flexibility. More women than ever are choosing to return to work after having children, but many workplaces do not offer the flexibility needed to work around childcare. Working for yourself removes this problem. You can work as often as you want, at times that suit you. Running an e-commerce store is particularly handy as it doesn’t take much time to manage day to day.

Older people are also choosing to become entrepreneurs in later life. The average retirement age is increasing, but people don’t want to be out working, wasting these valuable years with their families. So instead they are choosing to use the skills and knowledge they have gained from a long career to start their own companies, or pass on their knowledge to others via e-books, online courses and blogs.


People have always been creative; they have always wanted to spend more time with their families and set their own hours. However, it is only in the modern world that this is a possibility for many. The internet allows people to take the risk without having to pay a lot in start-up costs. You can set up an e-commerce store with minimum time and effort. Read more to find out how easy it could be for you. The growth of social media platforms has also made it ridiculously simple to grow a following and market a new business. It’s also a lot more fun than being sat in an office, doing the same things, for someone else.


This is a great reason to become an entrepreneur. When working for a company, when they have some success, it feels good. However, when it’s your own company that you started and put everything into, it feels incredible. There’s a real sense that you’ve done something wonderful. People thrive on this feeling and become addicted to it. From the very first sales, watching an e-commerce store grow is a delight.

In summary, more people are turning to entrepreneurship now, because they can. When they face a problem at work, be it flexibility, or with how things are being done, they can get out there and do it for themselves. No one needs to be stuck in a job they don’t love anymore.

3 Nov 2016 19:12


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