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Three reasons why course reviews matter

Whenever you are looking to try a new restaurant around your city, how likely are you to go look at the reviews before you decide on where to eat? For many of you, reviews are the single factor in making your dinner choice easier and actually receiving the quality of service you expected walking into the restaurant. In comparison, CPE Advisory is the site business professionals go to find reviews on CPE courses before they choose the right course to meet their specific needs. We are here to make the process of finding CPE courses easier and to provide CPE course reviews to professionals in business, government, human resources, marketing, accounting and much more! We believe that finding the most beneficial CPE courses to you is what matters most. That's why we have built a robust CPE course search engine with course reviews from other CPA professionals whose opinions you can trust! Still not convinced that course reviews really make a difference? Well we've compiled a list of the top three reasons why, in fact, CPE course reviews do matter!
1. Finding a CPE course most relevant to your profession

CPE course titles can be very vague and you may think it’s the right course for you, but then you scroll down to the reviews and find that it’s a course very similar to what you have already taken. This gives you the opportunity to find the CPE courses most relevant to your profession. How frustrating is it to purchase a course and not reap the benefits you thought you would. We are eliminating that element of frustration because we have real people telling you about their real successes of our courses.

2. Real and never influenced reviews

We allow the CPAs of the community, who have taken the courses themselves, to write their honest reviews on how beneficial the course was to them in hopes of helping your decision to take a specific CPE course or not. CPE Advisory never influences the reviews put on the CPE courses, nor do we attempt to influence them. We believe that trust is built through the comradery of the CPE community and reviews are best interpreted from colleagues.

3. Platform for CPA's opinions

This is the opportunity that CPAs and other professionals have to voice their opinions. Didn’t like a course? Find the course irrelevant or find it to be really beneficial? Write a review about it! Allow your colleagues to have a knowledgeable idea of what is expected of the CPE course before they even take it. CPE Advisory’s main goal is to educate CPA’s and other professionals on their CPE courses through the reviews platform.

Take a second to check out our CPE course catalog and read up on the reviews here from fellow CPAs or business professionals. Search by state, course, dates, credit type and more. We hope this post has further proven why reviews on CPE courses should matter to business professionals everywhere!

2 Nov 2016 12:23


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