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Business security risks you need to be aware of

Security is really important for every single business out there and it is a shame to notice how many business managers do not actually consider this as being important. You want to be sure that you are going to basically do all that you can to make sure that the entire company is secured. While focussing on all operating processes that are important for the company, ranging from production to growth hacking, make sure that you also do all that you can to reduce the following business security risks.
Having disgruntled employees

The worst possible attacks that a company can be faced with come from internal sources. The rogue employees will be able to do many different bad things since they have inside knowledge. This is especially the case with the IT team since they know how to access the data networks, centres and have admin accounts. Many of the largest hacks that happened in history with the large brands appeared because of access to inside security knowledge.

Make sure that you carefully monitor network usage and customer satisfaction levels. When you notice problems, react! This is one of the most important things you should do.

Uninformed or careless employees

Based on a recent study done by Aptica LLC, the careless worker is responsible for most of the leaks that happen in all industries from around the world. You surely already heard about the unlocked iPhones that were forgotten in taxis or similar problems. It is even possible that the worker visits a site that is unsecure and that then offers hacker access to company computers. You want to be sure that you are careful with the emails that the official addresses receive and that you educate the employees about possible online security hacks that could appear. This will help so much more than what you may think at the moment.

Mobile device security problems

The use of mobile devices is constantly growing at the moment. In fact we are faced with over 50% of online traffic being carried out on smartphone devices. Because of this, it is really important that you pay attention to this factor. In the past it was not actually a point of interest for most businesses but now it is so much more important than ever.

Weak passwords

Whenever running an online or offline business, the passwords that you use for everything tech-related have to be as secure as possible. In the event that you have the general passwords that are very easy to hack, you can be sure that sooner or later someone is going to hack them and gain access to your data. Out of all the different ways in which hackers gain access to company information, the use of unsecured passwords is something that can so easily be avoided. A little bit of employee education is all that is actually necessary in this case. As an extra associated tip, be sure that you will have a mobile device policy enforced in the company.

31 Oct 2016 11:23


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