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Move over Google - SMS marketing is back with a vengeance

A decade ago, SMS marketing was really hot and highly productive but somewhere along the line other methods of reaching a mobile market took over and fewer companies took advantage of this highly successful strategy. Perhaps it was a fear that no one read their text messages anymore because of the massive growth of smartphone technology and the ease at which mobile phone users could now access social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Who would be reading text messages anymore? So marketing money was diverted to online advertising and SMS marketing was all but lost in the shuffle. Until recently that is.

New research on texting

Consider the fact that one digital marketing expert has made the statement that more people have access to a mobile phone on planet earth than they have access to a toilet. With more than six billion people owning or having use of a mobile phone that is a lot of people who can be reached with SMS marketing. So what can a text message do that online adverts can’t?

Well, for one thing, research shows that most people open their text messages and read them within moments after their arrival on their smartphone. The figure given is 90% which is a hefty amount of people seeing your marketing SMS within moments of its arrival. Companies like JookSMS are helping their clients to cash in on the power of SMS marketing that had hitherto been all but forgotten in the foray to develop mobile friendly click ads.

What if...

What if you were to send out mass SMS marketing messages to 10,000 smartphones in a day? That would be 9,000 people who actually view that message within moments of receiving it. Of that 9,000 if only 10% click through to your site and only 10% of them bought anything at all, you’d have 900 views a day and an estimated 90 sales a day. Now admittedly, those statistics are unrealistically high but you get the point. Move over Google, SMS has a higher potential to reach a targeted market than paid ads and that really isn’t a stretch of the imagination.

Another set of figures even more promising

One study conducted by an SMS marketing group actually went as far as saying that more than 36% of those receiving SMS messages respond to them in some way. Do you think 36% of those seeing pop up mobile ads respond? Highly doubtful. So at the end of the day, startups and businesses looking for massive and immediate growth just might want to consider an old marketing strategy that has only recently re-emerged in a market with huge potential. Anyone who has a mobile phone can be reached with SMS marketing and they will get that advert. You can’t say that about online adverts and even at best you can’t come close.

So again, move over Google! SMS marketing is riding on the heels of your research into mobile phone usage and it just may oust search engine marketing by a long shot. That would be something to write home about for sure!

18 Oct 2016 11:14


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