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Brand on parade

Showing the best representation of your brand and your business online is essential in today's marketplace. The web is the main street of small business commerce, and your brand is on parade. Here are some key attributes of great website design and development.

Good web design translates the uniqueness of your small business and visually interprets that on your web page. It is what makes you different and makes you stand out from the rest of your competitors. Of course, your logo needs to have distinctiveness, but font choices for text and visual images in the form of photos, graphics, or art can convey your brand as well.


Great small business website design also needs to give the viewer the information they need. Great content is essential to have on your website. Think of your target audience when you are writing copy for your website. What is the age range and interests of your audience, and what is motivating them to seek out your website? One way to put additional informative content on your website is to start a blog feature. Your blog can even bring additional traffic to your website with the addition of keyword tags and value added links.

Clear progression

Your website can have tons of relevant information that the consumer will find useful, but there needs to be a clear progression of information flow that is easy to follow. This is where development of the various windows on your website and their hierarchy can make or break the usefulness of your online presence. Too many specialised buttons and margin menus are a recipe for your viewer not finding the content that they came to your website for.


If your website has a clear progression of information hierarchy, has some distinctive elements, and the design of it is not distracting, then you have what is called clean design. Your distinctiveness, brand, and information are what you want to stand out, not the bells and whistles features of a website template.

Call to action

Great website design moves the viewer along on the sales funnel. To accomplish this, a call to action needs to be on the majority of the pages on your website. It can be as simple as an invitation to call or email for more information.

To get an idea of the different ways a call to action works, check out some household name brands on the internet. What do their splash pages look like and do they invite you to explore what they have to offer? They most likely will have buttons that ask you to find out more information or buy now. The trick to having appropriate call to action features on your small business website is to not overdo them. If you are asking prospective customers to call or email you, that contact information needs to be right there with the call to action.

When your brand is on parade, it is crucial that you get your website design and development right. A website that has a clean design, is distinctive, and is informative will stand out and get positive attention.

12 Oct 2016 11:52


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