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Exceeding consumer standards: Wheaton's vacuoles and ampoules

In every laboratory setting, it is important to have the right tools for the right storage purposes. Vacuoles and ampoules, for example, are reliable equipment used to store and preserve either liquid or solid samples.
Vacuoles and ampoules are usually made of glass, but plastic ones can also be useful given your specific situation. What makes these vials different from other options is that they can hold samples in a hermetically sealed environment. Vacuoles and ampoules are commonly used to store chemicals that need to be free from oxygen, carbon dioxide, or other forms of gases. They are kept perfectly sealed until you are ready to use the sample again.

How vacuoles and ampoules are used

Lyophilisation, or the process of freeze-drying, is a very delicate procedure that involves highly sensitive compounds. Vacuoles and ampoules are considered to be the most appropriate tools for this since they discard the presence of air, particles, or other contaminants.

During the freezing phase of lyophilisation, these vials are used to hermetically seal samples with no water vapour or air present. A rubber cap is also used to adjust the passage of air during the drying phase of lyophilisation. By the end of the procedure, it continues to store the processed sample in an airtight condition at room temperature.

Lyophilisation is applicable to many different fields of study, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and the food and beverage industry. Lyophilisation is used in preserving a countless number of materials. In fact, freeze-drying can also be used to save papers and books that have been damaged by water!

Because there is so much importance placed in lyophilisation, there is little room for failure. To avoid contaminants in your sample, you ought to have quality laboratory tools. Among all product providers, Wheaton is the trusted partner you can always count on. They provide reliable products including well-conditioned glass tools and other laboratory equipment. They also offer a wide range of options you can choose from. No matter what size and type of equipment you need, they are able to meet them. Here are the standards that come with Wheaton’s vacuoles and ampoules:
  • Capacity: ranges from 5 millilitres or 0.17 ounces to 10 millimetres or 0.34 ounces
  • Colour: either clear or amber in colour
  • Diameter: include vials with diameters of 10.5, 12, and 16.5 millimetres
  • Height: available in 67, 75, and 84 millimetres
Here are a few kinds of vacuoles and ampoules Wheaton offers:
  • Cyrogenic Ampoule
  • Standard Ampoule
  • Pre-scored Ampoule
  • Lyophilisation Vacuole
  • Disposable Snapper Ampoule
Of course, all of these factors also depend on the intended purpose of the ampoules and vacuoles, the level of heat pressure, and the type of samples used. If you are unsure which kinds of materials or glassware you need, contact one of Wheaton’s knowledgeable representatives today. They understand the industry well and they will know how to help you figure it out.

Wheaton’s product features

Wheaton’s glassware features tamper-evident seals. Their vacuoles and ampoules are designed in a way that samples can only be accessed through its single cap. The cap has metal inserts that are very different than that of a common vial cap. If anyone tries to open the vial or access its contents, the tampered cap would leave clear evidence behind.

This features benefits scientists and technicians dealing with compounds that are highly sensitive to contaminants. This means they can have samples that are well-monitored and protected. Wheaton continues to develop the ideal cap and vial combination that would better facilitate laboratory procedures.

Wheaton believes in providing continuing education and frequent training for their associates. Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) standards and requirements are observed and are carefully implemented to ensure the safety and security of their associates, clients, and even people outside the production site. During product development and design, Wheaton takes all possible precautions for the sake of the quality of every piece of equipment they create, such as double-checking the sanitary standards during production. In line with this, Wheaton also makes sure that the production of their glassware is created in an environmentally safe way.

Wheaton’s commitment to excellent products

After 126 years in the business, Wheaton has certainly learned what it means to be a growing, changing, and innovative company. They realise how important it is to be sensitive to the needs and standards of their consumers. Wheaton continues to assure its clients and partners that the ampoules and vacuoles they use are always provided at the utmost quality.

30 Sep 2016 10:19


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