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Low-budget marketing ideas for small businesses

Small business owners know how hard it is to market services and products. It is important to think about so many factors and budgets are normally pretty low. If you want to improve the results of your marketing campaigns, you want to take very important decisions. In order to help you take full advantage of the power of promotions and carefully chosen marketing plans, here are a few ideas you can take into account right now.
Create instruction videos

Video content is nowadays really valuable for absolutely all businesses. It is possible that you will have to invest a lot of money when you create professional video content but after the work is done, you end up with something that will bring in a lot of awareness. The great thing about using video content is that you can take full advantage of YouTube and potential customers will be interested in viewing what you offer in the clips.

Offer discounts online

This is one of the simplest choices that you can make to promote your business with quite a limited budget. There are various sites where you can submit the codes like Piu Codici Sconto. Because of the fact that everyone loves a discount, the codes that you would offer to potential clients will bring in more business. At first the price will be lower but if the products or services offered are really good, you will eventually make more through repeat customers.

Taking full advantage of social networking

Social networks are incredibly valuable for the small businesses because they will offer really cheap advertising and the potential to increase customers without even having to invest money in ads in some cases. You will want to look at the large networks but also check the more niched ones. For instance, Reddit can be incredibly valuable in some industries. We also have Polyvore that is wonderful in fashion and so much more. Look at all the various different networks and promote on those that have members exactly like the ones you are looking for as clients.

Create customer referral programmes

It is interesting to notice that so many small business owners out there do not consider the referral programmes. With the use of the internet this is incredibly easy. At the same time, word-of-mouth proved itself as being very effective in bringing in new clients for companies. The referral programme is going to reward people that will use their resources to promote your business. You do not do anything in this scenario. You just invest in the development of the referral programme. After that, others will promote what you sell in return for a commission.

Host conferences

Conferences can be available in almost all industries. At the same time, hosting events is also possible. Take a look at the various options that are available and try to network. One of the very simple ways to market your small business is to get yourself known and others are going to talk about what you offer. This can be incredibly cheap in the long run.

29 Sep 2016 11:02


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