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Five reasons why every business needs a company blog

Millions of businesses exist on the web today. From web-exclusive business models to decades-old brands that have just recently expanded to the web, you will find a consumer solution for virtually any product or service you need. Because of its ease of use, the internet is a highly competitive place. Search engines and other major internet institutions have had to adapt in order to accommodate this, finding ways to ensure that the information served to users is presenting the most relevant and quality sources. Many businesses are turning to company blogs as one way to rise the ranks of search and beyond. We'll discuss below five excellent reasons why your business needs a company blog.
Five reasons why every business needs a company blog

Company blogs boost SEO

Any business that decides to go about launching a blog must consider all of the pros and cons of doing so. Most notably, the biggest potential benefit to a company blog is the effects that it can have on your overall SEO efforts. If you want to rank well in search engines, then you absolutely need great content; search engines require this. The creation of a company blog can take an otherwise content-thin website and transform it into a useful resource for information in your industry, thereby pleasing search engines.

Company blogs help with marketing

Any business needs a way to attract people to its website. While we'd all like to believe that everybody visits in order to buy something, you sometimes need a more subtle approach. With the creation of a company blog, you can now produce content that actually interests people beyond a sheer e-commerce standpoint. This is a great way to gain attention while subtly promoting your products' benefits, and can make it easier to get better results from marketing efforts.

Company blogs help with public relations

A simple storefront or promotional pitch can leave most people feeling cheated. Businesses that want to make good impressions on their target audiences – whether it be a global niche audience or a hyper-local community – can use company blogs as one way to interact more effectively. Businesses that do charitable work, for instance, can showcase their efforts through the blog. Additionally, having a company blog makes it much easier to publish press releases and more.

Company blogs establish expertise

Your business' reputation matters. Most people worry about avoiding a bad reputation, but establishing a good one is even more important. Company blogs can help highlight your business as a leader in its industry by demonstrating the skill sets, knowledge, perspectives and quality of your products and services. Before you know it, even your competitors will be looking to you for advice.

Company blogs provide a laboratory

If you're curious about how a new marketing message will be received, whether improvements to a product would be worth the effort, or any other number of efforts, then a blog can help. You'll be able to gauge your community on a variety of issues and measure both direct opinion (comments) and indirect opinion (website metrics showing how many people shared or viewed each post).

Do you have any other potential benefits of a company blog in mind? Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

22 Sep 2016 10:44


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