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Customers need to know they're valued

Studies are constantly performed to find out what customers want out of their relationships with businesses. Answers vary on many accounts, but what the responses mostly come down to is this: Customers want to be valued. Conveying value is one of the most crucial things businesses can do to promote growth, generate leads, and increase revenue.
The problem with businesses today is they have a difficult time reaching the customer on a deeper level. According to research from KISS Metrics, companies spend far more time gaining new customers than retaining them, even though it costs seven times more to gain a new customer than to retain one.

Both retention and lead generation comes with conveying value. According to the same research, 82% of customers will abandon a business if they were either poorly treated or were dissatisfied with a product or service. Both show a lack of value and investment in the customer. Overall, companies would do well to reverse this trend.

Here are some important ways that businesses can make their customers feel more valued.

Say thank you

Everyone says “thank you” on their website after a purchase is made, but not every company goes the extra mile to send a more personalised thank you message. This could be as easy as sending a simple thank you card after a purchase is made. Showing gratitude goes a long way in boosting your brand’s reputation, so give it a shot.

Give customers the benefit of the doubt

How quick are you to accuse customers of mistakes or trying to cheat you? That’s no way to encourage loyalty! Though you do have to be careful to avoid certain scams, it’s very important to occasionally give customers the benefit of the doubt. Work with customers to resolve their concerns and offer great experiences in the process – even if that means giving in a little more than you normally would. It’s much cheaper to retain a customer than to find and retain another one.

Offer valuable content

High value is essential to customers, and you can deliver that through both your products and your content. When writing for your blog, work on offering useful how-to articles, timeless information, trending topics, and other content that customers love. The more time and value you put into your content creation strategy, the more returns you’ll receive for your efforts.

Keep up the quality

A recent Gallup study showed that customers care far more about the quality of the service than they do about the speed. This goes to show if you offer an excellent customer service experience, customers won’t mind waiting on the phone for the job to be done. The focus should always be on the quality of the business.

Make it easier to do business

According to another survey, 30% of customers consider the ease of doing business to be a top priority. This encompasses things like navigating your website, the checkout process, the location of your physical store, and the organisation of products. Design everything with your users in mind if you want to show a deep-seeded investment.

Improve your customer service

The cost of a bad customer service transaction is more than most businesses can afford. In fact, a Help Scout survey shows that it takes 12 positive customer service experiences to make up for a single negative experience. Additionally, 78% of customers will bail on a transaction if the service is bad. In the end, bad customer service is an expensive venture.

Investing in great customer service is paramount to a successful business. As you begin thinking about the value of your customers and what they bring to your business, you can improve interactions on a daily basis.

16 Sep 2016 10:16


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