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Welding types - Understanding what is used in the industry

Since every single marketing specialist out there understands the importance of B2B communication, we have to highlight that industry-specific knowledge is what will differentiate successful promotion campaigns from unsuccessful attempts. For instance, when you want to explain what services a welding company offers, you will want to first mention welding types. Explaining properly is what makes the communication a proper one. Here is how you would want to present the main welding types in an official B2B presentation.
Stick welding – arc welding

Stick welding is the old welding type that every single person in the world understands. This is what was used during the steel revolution in the US. A special stick electrode is utilised as a rod. It is put inside a holder and the entire device is similar in design to the battery jumper cable you use for your car. Rods are struck like matches in order to start the welding process. Stick welding stands out as really simple, practical and cheap. Personal welding machines normally use arc welding technology and are available in hardware stores all around the world.

MIG welding

This form of welding is what you normally learn first when you go through technical training. You have the rod that does not have to be fed thanks to a continuous current running through the machine. That allows a welder to simply pull on a trigger and start welding. While different types of MIG welding are available at the moment, all are simple and a little more effective than arc welding.

TIG welding

TIG welding will be more difficult to learn and master than the other types mentioned above. Both of your hands are needed as one will hold a torch mechanism and the other one will feed your rod. Professional TIG welding machines will be more expensive and there is a need to have remote amperage in most cases. A foot pedal would be used to control everything and a special cylinder will include argon mix shielding gas.

Plasma arc welding

In a similar way to TIG welding, this option utilises tungsten electrodes and creates ionising gasses around an arc. You use this type of welding when you need really high precision and the recessed electrode will be the one that is usually preferred. Such a welding technique will be utilised whenever welding should not generate any possible mistake as the result has to be perfect.

As you can see, presenting welding techniques with the use of really simple sentences and just a touch of specifics that someone in the industry would understand is what helps to create compelling B2B communication content. It is definitely more complicated than inventory management and communicating properly with other businesses is something that should be seen as a priority for any company, not just for welding businesses.

29 Aug 2016 10:59


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