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Is it time to replace your bay window?

Up to 20% of homes had bay windows installed from the late 70's to the mid-80's. While those bay windows often enhance the exterior beauty of a home, chances are, at this point, those units are now reaching the end of their life cycle and would need to be changed out.
Here are a few clear signs that the bay window in your home needs to be replaced:

1. Seal failure and visible water damage

Older bay windows are susceptible to damaged seals. A damaged seal makes it easier for water to enter through and wreak havoc on the framework and seat area. The water stains and damage caused to the framework, over time, will result in the continuous rotting of the wood in place. With the dual layers of class that make up the bay window in place, that leakage can also lead to a mist or fog build up which can expedite the onset of mold in your home.

2. Hardware is no longer operational

Hardware is another feature that usually loses the battle against the test of time. Hardware like crank units or latches can become ‘frozen shut’ and become non-functional – essentially rendering your window features, other than merely standing in place, non-functional as well. Although it may be possible to just replace the ailing hardware, (though that can be difficult since the hardware was made decades ago) it often times makes even more financial sense to replace the windows entirely.

3. Glazing is blistering and/or peeling

When the glazing starts blistering or peeling on your bay window units, it’s definitely time to call in the windows replacement experts. At no point can this be a symptom of a simple repair – if you notice this, it’s time to replace the window. Additionally, this can also be a sign your framework is rotting as well.

4. Seat area is deteriorating

Up to 50% of bay windows’ seat areas start to sag as a result of being sat on continuously over the years. In these cases, again, this could be a sign that there is significant damage that indicates your bay window far beyond repair. You could be looking at framework AND hardware problems that would be solved much easier by a complete replacement.

5. You would like to improve outside curb appeal

A large number of older bay windows looked absolutely stunning after being installed. However, after years of being susceptible to external forces like weather taking their toll, these units begin to look worn and outdated. In turn, this significantly reduces your home’s curb appeal. The only repair for this type of aesthetic change is modernizing your home with a sparkling new bay window.

When having any kind of windows replacement performed, it’s imperative that you hire professionals, for instance, CanChoice Windows in Winnipeg. In the case of the more complicated bay window, that need is considerably magnified due to the complexities that come with the installation. You want someone who understands current industry specifications to ensure the job is done right and your windows have a long lifespan. If you notice any of the signs listed above in your windows, be sure to get in touch with professionals right away.

19 Aug 2016 15:35


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